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How To Use Your Intuition for a Wonderful 2019

Know your intuition

It is important to note that individuals need to have the knowledge to equip people with tools inherent in an intuition which can be used to live a predetermined life. Indeed, there is no better time for the application of lessons inherent in this subject than now that the year just started.

Intuition can either lead you to success or failure.

Knowing fully well that, the future is not written down anywhere, some intuitive clues can go a long way in directing you aright.

Below are some techniques of using your intuition to sail the waters and storms of 2019 successfully:

  1. Record Book to outline deep concurrent events concerning 2019.

It is no news that we all are equipped with our sixth senses which serve as a guide, pointing us to the events that are likely to shape our future.

At almost at every point in time, the universe gifts us with events which could be coexisting which when harnessed properly can be used to unravel secrets and solve problems that might come our way.

Recording otherwise referred to as “Journaling” has been seen as a strong technique of connecting with the spirits of the universe.

Imagine positive things to enhance your dreams.

It entails messaging either angels, spirits or any other higher being that the universe deems worthy to show you events or things to focus on or events to run from in 2019.

Thereafter, as the week unfolds, look around for events that may be likened to profound sayings or subjects that came out of nowhere pointing you to the request you made.

  1. Create imageries before visiting your bed to attract intuitive dreams that points to the future.

There is no iota of doubt that dreams can provide information required about future events.

If on the other hand, you hardly dream or you do forget the content of your dream easily, then, proposing in your mind that you want to remember the dream can go a long way in assisting you.

Alternatively, you can spend up to 7 or 11 minutes before visiting your bed especially when you are tired; shut your eyes and assume you are dreaming. Imagine also that you woke up the following morning and informed a friend about the dream or you can outline it in your book/journal.

Keep a journal of your dreams to avoid forgetting them.


After that, think of how powerful your body will be assuming you dreamt, and in that dream, steps of solving a problem was revealed to you.

When you are done with the above exercise, request dreams from your intuition on how to sail through 2019.

  1. Outline your reflection for strange responses for the year, 2019.

The importance of reflection cannot be overemphasized as it aids your sixth sense in equipping you with clues through imageries and other sources.

Creating imageries help in sharpening your brain and mind. The effect of this is that in the long run, images seem to appear instantly when your eyes are shut or when you listen to R & B music.

In that moment of great imagination, you might see yourself doing things you wanted to do before that moment such as speaking in an event or climbing mountains.

To further know more about 2019, record things you want to know about on your mobile phone or laptop and after that, play them in a soft voice.

Meditate some minutes after the question is asked, observing things around you as each question is being asked gradually.

Immediately, you are done with the meditation exercise, outline the imageries you got during the meditating session.

  1. Allow your intuition to select a spirit animal to aid its work in 2019.

To select the said animal, just look for famous spirit animals on the Internet and as you browse through the animals, be observant of how your body or energy within or without feels.

Do you feel happy, sad or delighted about a particular animal?

Just allow your feelings to aid you in selecting an animal that you can use as a sign for the year, 2019.

  1. Select a soundtrack that aids your intuition in working throughout the year.

This is easy to arrive at. Have you been hearing songs or artists when you visit a shop or listen to your television set or radio?

These songs, which type of emotions do they really evoke?… sadness?, happiness? Or other feelings?

This music that keeps on showing might contain information; your intuition wants to pass across to you.

Just try to make these songs your favorite, listen to them more often and gradually you will see what 2019 has in stock for you.

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