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The Rise of Caviar Bumps, Thanks to Gen Z

In an intriguing twist of culinary culture, millennials and Gen Zers are drawn to an unusual indulgence – fish eggs, or what some might call ‘caviar bumps.’ Alyson Krueger, reporting for The New York Times, sheds light on this unique trend that has taken hold as the new-age status symbol. It’s akin to savoring a sprinkle of salt after downing a shot of tequila, but rest assured, no one is snorting caviar here.

Caviar Bumps at Temple Bar

One might expect caviar to be exclusively reserved for fine dining establishments. Still, at the Temple Bar, an iconic cocktail spot in NoHo, this luxury found its way onto the menu in the fall of 2021.

Rachel Claire/ Pexels | Caviar bumps encapsulate the quintessential millennial ethos

Fast forward to today, and a single caviar bump will set you back about $20, just a dollar shy of their martinis. Samantha Casuga, the head bartender at Temple, shared, “What will happen is someone will be like, ‘Should we do a caviar bump?’ and it feels a little naughty. Then other people see it and want to do one, too.”

A Nostalgic Nod to the Roaring ’20s

This fascination with caviar bumps is the latest manifestation of younger generations embracing the essence of the Roaring ’20s, a century-old era known for its exuberance and opulence. Striking parallels emerge between the past and present conditions – both marked by emerging from a deadly pandemic, extravagant spending, and looming socio-economic uncertainties.

Polina Tankilevitch/ Pexels | Millennials and Gen Zers found solace in a nostalgic aesthetic

Reviving the Roaring ’20s Aesthetic

Millennials and Gen Zers have enthusiastically adopted the Roaring ’20s aesthetic. Insider’s Hillary Hoffower reported that they’ve donned preppy, old-money vibes, from sporting tennis skirts and tweed blazers to cherishing all things vintage.

Even their approach to nightlife has taken a classic twist, with a glamorous, luxe atmosphere dominated by crystals, martinis, and oysters, starkly contrasting the self-care and wellness trends that once filled their social media feeds.

A Departure From the Tech Prodigy Era

This cultural shift marks a clear departure from the tech prodigy in jeans, a hoodie, or the image of the business-casual girl boss that once prevailed. Moreover, many traditional old-money activities, such as golfing and boating, inherently lend themselves to social distancing, which likely contributed to their resurgence during the pandemic.

pearlstreetcaviar/ Instagram | People choose to bump caviar as a fun and exciting way to experience the benefits

Caviar Bumps

Caviar bumps, much like the fast-fashion reinterpretations of old-money attire and the coastal grandmother aesthetic, encapsulate the quintessential millennial ethos – they offer an affordable version of the original.

Thanks to more efficient and widespread caviar farming, particularly in countries like China, this luxurious treat has become accessible and budget-friendly. It’s no longer an excessive expense, especially for those willing to spend over $20 on a drink, making it an indulgence that can be enjoyed casually.

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