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About Us

Make Mondays Great Again!

Psychic Monday is your source for everything that’s related to the soul. Our site offers a wide variety of content, from articles on spirituality that will help you achieve mindfulness, to relationship advice and inspiring stories that will brighten up you day. We bring you all the food your soul needs. And because our souls need that dose of celebrity, we provide you with a dedicated section just for celebs, from their love lives to their tips on how to achieve wellbeing – and much more. You can find it all right here at Psychic Monday.

Our Goal

We understand that Monday is the hardest day, everyone has got work to do, children to take care of and studies to complete. Psychic Monday strives to be the ultimate place that provides readers with quality content that will enrich their spirits without interrupting their busy schedules, making Mondays a little bit easier to bear.