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Time Frames to Help You Cut Your One-Hour Meditation Time by Half!

There’s no doubt that meditation is extremely important. Not only does it help one clear the mind, but also makes things much clearer. Furthermore, it helps alleviate health issues such as anxiety, depression, and even the prevalence of IBS symptoms.

Fortunately, you don’t need to convert your whole house into a meditation spa just to obtain the benefits of meditation. One can easily relax the mind at any place, and at any time by adopting the meditation windows that will be mentioned shortly. In fact, you can even meditate while reading this piece!

Meditation has been known to greatly minimize stress, and also to alleviate problems associated with severe depression and sleep apnea

As soon as the alarm goes off

Once you hear that alarm ringing, it means that a new day has begun! So instead of rushing straight into the shower, you can allocate at least two to five minutes to clear the mind before getting on with your daily chores. Such small windows are enough to get the mind operating on a higher level of consciousness.

While having breakfast and sipping your coffee

Do you have a warm mug in your hands? Good. As you steadily take your coffee, you can take deep breaths while inhaling the sweet caffeine sent as your erase all negative and harmful thoughts from your mind. Additionally, meditating in the morning is helpful too. In fact, one study showed that having a morning meditation while taking breakfast resulted in a lesser quantity of coffee being added in one’s cup!

Unfortunately, for many of us, getting an opportunity to meditate can prove difficult as a result of a busy work schedule.

While dressing up for work

While laying out the outfit that you’ll wear for today, you can take a few minutes to take deep breaths and relax the mind as you feel the pleasant sensation of fresh clothes on your skin. This will definitely help minimize the stress and pressure of running around hopelessly in the am.

During the shower hour

Considered one of the best meditation areas on the go, the shower is certainly one place you can practice mindfulness. That’s because the soothing feel of warm water on your skin, with the addition of the intoxicating scent of your shampoo, is enough to take the mind on a journey of tranquility.

If you walk to work, you can meditate

If your office happens to be a short distance away, why not take some of those few minutes to meditate as you walk? Additionally, walking is also great for maintaining optimum health. So essentially, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Meditating while cooking

Though meditation is not recommended while deep frying, you can do it while waiting for your meal to bake in the oven. Whether it’s five or ten minutes, they are sufficient enough to ensure that your mind gains clarity, and that your thoughts of worry and stress simmer away.

That being said, we can meditate successfully throughout the day by allocating 3-5 minutes for meditation sessions while performing our day to day activities

When taking a jog

What better way to clear the mind then when taking a jog on your daily jogging path? Instead of having music lodged between your ears, you can practice mindfulness as you strive to eliminate the stress and worry in your life.

Just before hitting the sheets

Last, but certainly not the least recommended time frame, meditating before you sleep will actually help you sleep soundly, and is known to minimize the amount of stress that you have in your life. In fact, it is highly recommended that you meditate just before sleep to enable you to awaken with mental clarity the next day.

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