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Here’s How You Can Motivate Yourself to Accomplish Your Goals

Do you find yourself waking up at six in the morning when your alarm goes off and you dread to face another day? Do you gaze at the stack of dishes, dirty laundry, or dusty room with disappointment, thinking you should cleaned them but you don’t have time as you scramble down to attend to your work?

Are you tired of dealing with these boring, repetitive routines at work or in your life? If you’re one of these challenged adults who can’t motivate themselves to be productive, then this one’s perfect for you! These motivations and life coaches and experts share their tricks on how to motivate yourself to be productive.

Visualize Your Success

Hassler says envisioning what you’ve been doing will take you to success or an end goal, and it makes it easier for you to keep going.

According to Christine Hassler, she visualizes success for 5 minutes even before starting the day. She envisions accomplishing her tasks and seeing the positive outcome, or how great the process would be. This makes her excited to start working as soon as possible to work on her tasks and complete them. It also makes it easier for her not to procrastinate and to work on achieving her goals by taking small but firm steps.

Plan Ahead

If you find yourself losing motivation simply because you just have so many things to do and want to do, and you can’t figure out where to start, then the life coach and motivation expert Elizabeth Lombardo recommends you plan before you face the day.

For example, you can list down the tasks you need to accomplish and rank them according to your top priorities. Then you can crash it down from the list once you’re done or have accomplished the tasks. In this way, it’s easier to track your progress, and you’ll be motivated to crash all the items listed in no time.

Trick Yourself and Play with the Deadline

According to Markman, you need to condition your mind into working with a closer deadline (even if it isn’t in the reality) so that you can keep making progress in your work or goals.

You can solve your procrastination by beating the deadline in advance. According to Art Markman, he often tricks himself into listing fake deadlines on his calendar in advance. For example, if he has projects or due tasks on the end of the month, he starts listing them on the first day of the month.

Then he combines this with other tasks having a real deadline. In this way, it’ll be harder for him to cheat, and he’ll be forced to work on his tasks since he couldn’t determine which project has the real deadline and which project isn’t anymore.

Get Inspired By Others

No matter how much you want to motivate yourself, there will be times where your productivity can take very low dips. If you think nothing you do can motivate you anymore, you can read some quotes from the people you admire or watch their interviews on how they accomplished their dreams and achieve success.

According to Samantha Ettus, this will help remind you why you started in the first place and if they can achieve success, there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Cut Off Any Distractions

Hassler recommends you isolate yourself from distractions so that you can give your full attention to working on your goals.

According to Hassler, one of the main reasons why most people deviate from their tasks or goals is because they have a short attention span. They often tend to pay attention to single notifications on their social media, email, or a text or call on their phones.

To avoid distractions, you need  to declutter your workstation so that you can focus on working on your tasks or goals. This also lessens your temptation to multi-task.

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