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How To Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution in 2018

It’s funny how we make a list of our new year’s resolutions every year and promise that this time we’ll do better. The feeling of determination in achieving somehow wears off. This means that the New Year’s resolution list will be discarded pronto but remember that the list you put together was made for a purpose.

It was a set of things you would like to change about yourself. Not keeping this says a lot about you. So let’s think about the things that seemed feasible and turned out to be a steep mountain to climb are worth the journey. It means achieving them at the end of the year changed your life, in a good way. Resolutions are for the better. Stop promising yourself when trying to do it better next year but let’s get it is done today. Here’s how you can stick with your new year’s resolution:

Seek Accountability Group

Telling Your Friends About Your Goals Made You Accountable to Your Goals

Telling Your Friends About Your Goals Made You Accountable to Your Goals

Telling people about your new year’s resolution would mean that you are committing to them. This means that they are expecting to do it and make the commitment not only to yourself but to every person you’ve told. These people could also support your resolution, they will stand beside you and help you achieve it. They will serve as your backbone and support system.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Having achievable solutions means that they are clearly in the first place. Having a vague resolution on the list will confuse the things you want to achieve. How will you know that you’ve reached the goal you aimed to be better if you haven’t set the specifics about it? Be crystal clear about the things you want.

Plan Your New Year’s Resolution

Get a Planner to Pkan Your Goals with Attainable Timeline

Get a Planner to Plan Your Goals with Attainable Timeline

After clarifying your list, it’s time to make a plan. Break them down into sub-goals that would eventually lead to the goal you wanted to achieve. Small, baby steps could surprise you and lead you to accomplish things you first thought are hard. Search posts on the internet on how to set your goals and plan them. This way you will have an idea and might even modify it with your own.

Revise Your New Year’s Resolution

Your New Year’s resolution should not be a thing that could put you down. Thoughts about not being good enough unless you achieved it would even demotivate you and let your spirits down in the long run. You are good enough and even better for putting up the list and doing your best to stick on it. Your daily goals are aimed to make you better. Think the positive side and avoid negativities. The will and perseverance to be better will be your fuel.

Don’t Focus on the End Result

Don't Focus on the End Goal and Enjoy the Process of Learning

Don’t Focus on the End Goal and Enjoy the Process of Learning

Committing to the goal means committing to the process. If you made the necessary sub-goals and followed them, the end result would follow. Enjoy the experience and stop holding them away. There is a distance between you and your desired outcome, what you need to focus is the experience in getting there.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

You have to know when the right time to take a break is. Each day’s journey should have a time for a break and let your mind relax. You cannot let your new year’s resolution consume you. It was meant to make you better not to tear you apart. The break could increase your productivity. Doing something else is not a break. Not by a long shot. Taking a break means giving your mind some space to relax and meditate.

Go and Push Yourself

As Bruce Lee said, the only limitation you put in your goals is yourself. If you believe in your abilities, there will be no limits to what you can achieve. There may be roadblocks on the way but you’ll learn how to overcome them. So if you’re about to give up or doubt yourself, always state this mantra “You Can Do It. Don’t Give Up” to remind yourself of your ability.

Push Yourself to the Limits State .You Can Do It Like Your Mantra to Keep Going

Push Yourself to the Limits State. You Can Do It Like Your Mantra to Keep Going

There would be a point if the journey where you’d think nothing is happening and what you are doing does not change a thing. Despite this, push. You need to push and see through what you have set out to do. No is unacceptable. You will have to dig deeper and strive harder to pass these setbacks. Don’t let it hold you back. Remind yourself the reason you started this.

Implement a Reward System

Tie your challenges with a reward every time you work on your goal. If you like to eat out but have the resolution on losing weight by exercising, limit the time of eating out and exercise instead. This would definitely lead you to a more desirable result by the end of the year.

Let the Critics Bark

You are going to have critics. Don’t let them get to you. You will always have enough people to doubt you, don’t let their opinions dictate what you can or cannot do. Take their criticism but don’t let it bound you. Only you hold your life and only you can decide which words you want to take and let them influence you. Do your commitment, the result will always follow. Do your own thing and define yourself by your own standards.

Celebrate Victories, Milestones, and Progress, No Matter How Small they are

Celebrate Each Progress or Milestones You Have

Celebrate Each Progress or Milestones You Have

Stop worrying about other people. Celebrate when you’re happy, sulk when you’re sad. Express your victory and don’t let others stand in the way. This will encourage you for the better.

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