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Always Feeling at Your Lowest? Here’s How You Fix Your External by Focusing on Internal

Every human is full of flaws. Everyone, at some point in their lives, want to change something in their lives. If they could not, and the feeling of changing something remains inside of them, the condition worsens, leading to anxiety and depression and can even affect them physically.

Maybe the feeling persists inside of us because we have become impatient with the bullies at the school, or our job has sucked out all the positivity inside of us, or our relationship is just a mere binding, and there is no love involved.

All of us are a victim of something external that is making things difficult for us and potentially bringing us down and keeping the things unchangeable. While adjusting our perspectives and focusing on figuring out how can we change our outside world, we lose energy, add more stress and feel less efficient. However, it is difficult to change the outside world, but it is rather easy to focus on feelings inside of us and change things for the better.

Is your identity withholding you?

Are you trying to get rid of failures? You think that you are not wealthy enough, you are not intelligent enough etc. maybe the main problem is not about your being sufficient, it is evident that you are making yourself believe that no matter what, nothing will be enough for you, ever. Try accepting yourself for where you stand and what is your identity.

Depression and anxiety

The modern world is suffering from the menace of depression and anxiety, address these issues before trying to change the outside world. If you are not satisfied internally, how can you fix the outside world? Make progress inside of you before working on the outside.

Healthy living

Exercising, eating healthy foods and sleeping at the right time and a proper place serves the mind in the ways you cannot imagine. These ingredients make life a delicious dish as the person feels the sense of fulfillment and tidings of joy can be felt from inside if one follows these patterns.


If you want to alter your surroundings, what better way could it be other than accepting yourselves and others for how they are and how they behave. All you need is acceptance of how things are. No argument can discard the fact that you cannot change the world, you can only control the circumstances around you. A better life means acceptance, healthy lifestyle and a feeling of fulfilment.

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