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4 Popular Celebrities Who Attribute Their Success to THIS Healthy Habit

Most fans often look up to their favorite stars when it comes to health and wellness. From weight loss secrets to fitness and workout tips, fans are always keen to find out how Hollywood celebs achieve their gorgeous physique and maintain a youthful appearance despite their hectic schedules.

But achieving a healthy body starts with a healthy, positive mindset, which is why these celebrities love meditation as part of their daily routine. According to them, meditation helps not only in staying in shape but also in ridding your mind from constant stressors that we’re bombarded with in our everyday lives. Here are some of your favorite celebrities who love meditation.

Elizabeth Vargas

In 2014, the veteran journalist Elizabeth Vargas revealed she became addicted to alcohol due to her struggles with anxiety. Whenever she was anxious, she used to drink to ease away her pain and stress.

The method worked, but only temporarily. But in the long run, excessive drinking did more damage to her health than good. Thanks to her family and friend’s help, she broke the terrible habit, and they introduced her to the mindfulness practice of meditation.

Debby Wong/Shutterstock
Vargas reveals meditation helps control her anxiety as she faces her everyday life.

Vargas reveals that meditation has now become a huge part of her life. It helps her get through tough times, organize her thoughts, and manage her anxiety. While she’s still on the road to recovery, Vargas says her life is much better right now compared to how it was before.

Danai Gurira

We’ve all come to love Danai Gurira from her role in the Walking Dead but did you know that this talented actress has one healthy habit that she simply cannot give up on? Despite her schedule packed with acting gigs, interviews, and public appearances, Gurira still finds the time to pray and meditate. According to her, having a stable spiritual relationship helps strengthen her connections to everyone.


Gurira reveals meditation reminds her of her purpose on Earth and keeps her grounded in her belief that life is much more than money and fame. It’s about building relationships with your family and loved ones and helping people for the greater good of the universe.

Malin Akerman

The Billions actress mainly does meditation to recuperate her energy and enthusiasm after a long day of shooting. Whenever she’s feeling tired, exhausted, or simply overwhelmed by the stardom, she meditates to unwind and refresh her mind, body and soul.

Jose Gil/Shutterstock
Aside from meditation, Akerman often disconnects from the online world to avoid negativity in her life

She practices deep breathing for three minutes when she’s feeling stressed. After meditating, Akerman finds herself teeming with energy and positivity to face the day again.

Megan Fox

The renowned actress Megan Fox reveals she meditates whenever she feels confused or is about to make a big life decision. Meditation has always been a huge part of Fox’s life and she recalls the time she used to sit in the woods alone and realign her mind, body and soul with her goals in order to bring herself closer to success.

Everett Collection/Shutterstock
Megan Fox says meditation also helps you reconnect with yourself as you assess and realign your goals and priorities in life

Back then, Megan was searching for answers and meditation not only helped her find the best course of actions to take, but she also applied this mindful practice to her Travel Channel series.

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