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Famous People Who Lost Their Fight Against Addiction

Sadly, many of our favorite entertainers have fought battles against alcohol and drug abuse. While some successfully managed rehab and became their old selves, others were not so fortunate, and they have left this world just a little bit sadder for their absence.

We know that rehabilitation programs have helped many stars to go back on the right track. Robert Downey Jr, Demi Lovato and much more got back from the brink of the abyss.

Some other famous people fell into that abyss. This article is about them.

 Heath Ledger (2008)

Worldwide audiences were shocked when the news hit. Heath Ledger, star of Brokeback Mountain and The Patriot, passed away from a prescription pill overdose. This man was one of the most brilliant actors of his generation, and his performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight cemented his place among the stars. Sadly, the talent that got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his portrayal of Joker hid his addiction too well, so no one could help.

 Amy Winehouse (2011)

Her voice took us to another time. Her hits such as Valerie, You Know I’m No Good, and Rehab chronicled her inner turmoil and her struggles with drug and alcohol abuse while. At the same time, they resonated with millions of her fans. The greatest problem that troubled this star wasn’t her inability to say no to drugs, but all the enablers that surrounded her. After a long battle with substance abuse, Winehouse overdosed and passed away at only 27 years of age.

 Kurt Cobain (1994)

As the front man of Nirvana, he created the grunge sound that defined the 90s. He represents thousands of addicts who have passed away not from an overdose, but due to suicide that their addiction led to. On the same day Cobain agreed to enter rehab for his heroin addiction in April 1994, he took his own life. Just like Winehouse, he was 27 years old.

 Marilyn Monroe (1962)

This is one of the most famous cases of substance abuse. Marylin Monroe was the greatest feminine symbol in the world, but she was not merely that. She wasn’t just an actress either; she was an icon. Sadly, even the most charming woman of all time was unable to defeat the terrible dependency that comes with prescription pills. Her depression took a toll on her, and the barbiturates finished her off. Some are convinced it was an accidental overdose, while others are certain it was a suicide. Whichever it was, this lovely lady that had something truly unique had passed away due to addiction.

 Whitney Houston (2012)

This woman cannot be described as merely a singer because she was a powerhouse. She will forever be remembered for having one of the most powerful and most emotional singing voices. An unparalleled diva whose appearance simply took your breath away. She was known for her hits such as I Will Always Love You, which touched people because of all the emotions she put into them. However, near the end of her life, her talent was eclipsed by her public addiction to crack cocaine and prescription pills. At 48, she passed away in her bathtub after ingesting cocaine, Xanax, and alcohol.

 Cory Monteith (2013)

Fox had never had a hit musical-comedy series before Glee. A great part of that success was due to Cory Monteith’s elegant appearance that got audiences hooked to his effortless screen presence and his amazing singing voice. Monteith was regarded as a squeaky-clean teen idol, so everyone was shocked when they found out that he died of a drug overdose at the age 31.

In spite of his public image, Cory spent his life fighting a battle against drug abuse. His fans were heartbroken, but what surprised us was the reaction of his colleagues. Every actor that came in touch with him claimed that he had something special in him that made people love him. Sadly, he didn’t feel the love and didn’t have the strength to turn away from substances that killed him in the end.

We just wish these legends had sought treatment before they left this world so tragically. If you know someone who is battling addiction, or you are currently struggling with it yourself, please seek treatment; don’t be another casualty.

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