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This Common Skin Issue Triggered Lili Reinhart’s Body Dysmorphia!

So many of us have struggled with acne at some point in our lives, waking up to an embarrassing new pimple on the day of a very important event — why does life have to play us this way?

The truth about acne is that it’s frustrating and cruel, especially to our self-esteem and happiness. People invest heavily in beauty products and expensive treatments to achieve clear skin, and celebrities are no different.

So many of our favorite A-listers suffer from embarrassing skin issues which can take a toll on their mental wellbeing. This is exactly what happened to Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart, whose severe acne resulted in her developing body dysmorphia.

Let us uncover the emotional battle Reinhart endured as she struggled with body acceptance while battling this mental disorder.

The Confession

The famous Riverdale star has been very honest and open about sharing her struggles with cystic acne. She’s been sharing her painful journey on social media where she has been posting raw images of her face for fans to see that even celebrities deal with body image issues.

More than just her physical appearance, Reinhart says her skin condition has affected her mental health tremendously.

Reinhart confessed she became obsessed with her acne and the imperfections on her face to the point where the actress doesn't want to go out in public anymore.

Reinhart was so embarrassed about her acne that she didn’t want to go out in public anymore

She revealed in a heart-wrenching interview how her acne had triggered a mental health disorder called body dysmorphia. Not only is the actress suffering from chronic acne that infects and inflamed her skin, but she also developed an unhealthy obsession about it.

Her mind considers acne as a horrible flaw on her skin and face, to the point where it makes her paranoid about what others think of her appearance. Reinhart says that living with the disorder also affects her social life because she hardly wants to go out or be seen in public.

The Culprit

While most people claim their body dysmorphic disorders stem from their weight, Reinhart says it’s not the only factor that can trigger this mental health illness. Case in point, the Riverdale actress, reiterates she acquired the said disease due to her skin problem even though she is perfectly content with her current physique.

Singer Lorde also admitted to Reinhart that she too suffered from body dysmorphia due to her appearance

Aside from Reinheart, the famous singer Lorde also reveal that she’s suffering from the same mental health condition. After seeing Reinhart’s post, Lorde messaged her and said that she felt the same way about her appearance, a sad reassurance that at least Reinhart wasn’t the only one facing these struggles.  

Seeking Professional Help

According to health experts, dysmorphia is a mental health condition often characterized by a persistent preoccupation with an imagined or real defect in one’s appearance. The patients became overly obsessed with their body image to the point where they notice every little flaw in their appearance.

Reinhart says she's now on the road to recovery as she works on

Reinhart is now on the road to recovery as she tries not to associate her worth with physical imperfections

They can’t stop the negative thoughts from lingering, urging them to be shameful of themselves and start questioning their worth due to their imperfections.

If you recognize the dire symptoms, the health experts recommend you seek professional help immediately, which can help in shifting your mindset towards body acceptance and defining your worth beyond the physical aspect.

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