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The Reason Behind Lady Gaga and Carino’s Controversial Split Is So Shocking… And Also Relatable

Most of us are so involved in the lives of our favorite celebrities that every time there is news of a breakup or a divorce, we desperately want to get to the bottom of the matter and find out exactly what led to the couple’s demise — because as fans, we also deserve some closure, right?.

Despite knowing that these celebrities live very private lives away from the limelight, we would still like to know what they’re up to when they’re not mesmerizing us with their singing or acting talent. And one of the celebrities who has been making rounds in the news is Lady Gaga who took over the industry by storm with her debut film A Star is Born. But as much as we loved Ally in the movie, we’re not here to discuss her onscreen role. The singer shocked her fans when she ended her engagement with fiance, Christian Carino, before receiving her first Oscar.

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper won a Grammy’s Award for their her heart-rending composition “Shallow” for A Star is Born

Even if the sources claim the couple mutually agreed to end their relationship and parted on good terms, her supporters are still curious as to why the break up happened in the first place. The singer finally broke her silence on the matter, and her reason for ending the relationship is honestly so relatable.

The Possessive Type?

According to sources close to the star, it was actually Lady Gaga who initiated the breakup. However, it’s only recently that the real reason behind their breakup was uncovered. According to the actress, Christian had the tendency to get jealous easily and became overly possessive of her towards the end of their relationship.

Lady Gaga claimed Christian became all too-controlling to her schedules and whereabouts.

Lady Gaga claimed Christian became all too-controlling to her schedules and whereabouts.

Although their relationship seemed like sunshine and rainbows in the beginning, Gaga revealed that Christian wasn’t treating her as well as he did before. It appeared that he was also prone to bouts of jealousy, to the point that he started controlling the pop star’s life. Sources also revealed that Christian constantly texted Gaga to know where she was and who she was with. The relationship was becoming very stifling for her to the point that even her friends started disliking Christian.

Mending Her Broken Heart

According to sources, Lady Gaga has been too busy with her projects, endorsements, and career commitments to think about the breakup. When not working, the renowned singer spends most of her time with her friends as she tries to mend her broken heart from yet another failed relationship.

Lady Gaga took 11 of her closest friends for a trip to Cabo, where she had planned a special dinner for the night as they celebrated her birthday last year.

Lady Gaga took 11 of her closest friends on a trip to Cabo to celebrate her birthday

Another source reveals that Lady Gaga has already moved on from Carino and has found herself a new man in the form of Jeremy Renner. The Avengers actor reportedly spends a lot of time with the pop star and he also gave support to Gaga during the end of her engagement.

A Budding Love Story

Despite these conflicting sources, the renowned singer didn’t confirm nor deny any issues she had with Carino. Gaga has been too focused on her career and catching up with friends to stoke the flames of romance once again. However, it cannot be denied there is a new chemistry brewing between her and Bradley Cooper. However, only time will tell whether these two will end up together in the future.

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