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Meeting Your BFF in Adulthood: How Do Adults Make Friends?

In our younger years, there can be a lot of opportunities to meet new friends⁠ like during recess or even in camps. Some may only remain as acquaintances, while some friendships can last for a lifetime.

However, this may turn a bit difficult when you reach adulthood. In some cases, a person already has a constant social circle and may not be looking into mingling outside of it. Others simply don’t have that much opportunity and time to socialize or get to know someone outside of their busy careers. For these BFFs, mutual admiration and a random twist of fate brought them together.
Meaningful friendships can come out of the most random situations

Uber Pool Co-Riders

It was a thing of fate that Allie and Brooke ended up sharing the same Uber Pool ride. Both of them were heading to their respective homes somewhere in the Upper West Side. While waiting for their third co-rider, they chatted for a while and bonded over SoulCycle and their love for their neighborhood. Brooke then suggested that they exchange numbers but immediately asked if it was weird for Allie. Good thing Allie didn’t mind and was even excited to meet a new friend in her adulthood.

A week later, they went to their first spin class together. Allie was even able to meet Brooke’s then-boyfriend weeks later. For Brooke, she knew that their friendship was just getting started when Allie agreed that the guy was weird.

Friendships in adulthood can start through mutual interests and hobbies.

Were Dancing Near Each Other

Ashli and Alysha were out one night dancing their hearts out on the dance floor. Only, they were with two different groups. Ashli, who was there with her acquaintances, noticed a particular group who looked like they were having a blast and was immediately drawn to their energy. Somehow, Ashli and Alysha ended up dancing beside each other. Ashli said that they just clicked. 

Alysha then invited her for a drink. The two then introduced themselves and talked about their experiences in grad school. Ashli was excited to be able to meet another woman of color who, like her, likes to have fun, is educated, and has good energy. The ladies exchanged info and had a coffee date days later. They grew close so quickly that people assume that they have known each other for ages.

Spent the Entire Flight Chatting

Elise was on her way home from visiting her daughter. On her flight to New York from San Francisco, she noticed that her seatmate, whom she described as an attractive young woman, was struggling with something on her phone. She then offered to help the woman, who turned out to be Susan. At first, Susan was visibly shocked that Elise, who was older than her, knows techy stuff. Elise was able to get the phone working and the two spent the entire flight talking with each other. They even ordered wine!

Susan was inspired by Elise’s positivity, energy, warmth, and experiences in life. When they swapped addresses, the found out that they were living on the same street in downtown Manhattan but on opposite ends.

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You’ll just know when your vibes click

From Internship to Friendship

Although Chloe and Lindsey were of the same age, they technically had a boss-intern relationship when they met at 21. Chloe was already working her first job in the company as she graduated a semester earlier than Lindsey, who came in as an intern and was on her last semester. They both had a lot in common. Chloe liked Lindsey’s personality and professionalism and was disappointed that she couldn’t just invite her to hang out as friends.

During Lindsey’s last week in her internship, she asked Chloe for advice on whether she should accept a job offer that required her to move to the city. Luckily, Chloe had a room available in her apartment. They have since become roommates and besties until today.

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