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Bad TV Could Be Ruining all Your Relationships. Here’s Why!

The television; the place where we turn all our dreams into realities. Ok, at least that is what we would like to believe for the brief moments that we watch our favorite tv shows as we binge away on some ice cream! However, are we aware that bad tv could actually be ruining our relationships?

That’s right

By bad tv, we are simply talking about watching a series or movie that inadvertently ignites or spurs feelings and emotions of our current relationship rut.

If we begin to feel that certain dramatized situations on television are identical to the life that we live, then perhaps it’s time we revised watching all these shows altogether! Indeed, here are some of the ways that watching these movies could be damaging our current relationships!

Tv relationships are nothing like real life, so tying our lives to them is pointless!

Makes Us See All the Bad in Our Relationships

Say we’re binging some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. In a particular episode, one of the characters cheats on their partner and continues their promiscuity via hidden text messages, or even makes calls via a burner!

Then our minds go into a frenzy! What if our partner is doing the exact same thing? We find ourselves obsessing over their phones, and wanting to know the kind of messages he or she is sending to their colleagues and friends. We find ourselves going through their belongings in the hopes that we might find a burner or something that might suggest infidelity.

In reality, our partners could be faithful and we could be looking for something that doesn’t exist! All because we watched a series that convinced us that they were cheating. In the end, when we get caught snooping through their belongings, not only do we look dumb, but also compromise the dynamics and trust of our current relationship.

Which then brings us to our second point…

Indeed, too much tv does kill the brain cells. Especially the ones used for logical reasoning!

It Makes Us Look Crazy

Yes, the series that we’re watching convinces it’s practically normal to go through their belongings when we are suspicious of any acts of infidelity.

Indeed, these acts unknowingly sabotage how we are perceived by our partner. They might begin to question why they are in a relationship with us in the first place. We might come across as crazy and possessive in their eyes which is certainly not a desirable trait in any circumstance!

If it’s a certain series that fuels these behaviors, then maybe it’s high time we shelved this series altogether.

Additionally, romanticizing our relationships create an aura of instability in them

It Puts Us in an Unsure State

Apart from looking super crazy, these series that highlight the negative aspects of dating and relationships portray a sense of neediness.

So whenever we enter this state of mind, we automatically become unsure about ourselves. This drastically affects our self-esteem and confidence. We might start seeing ourselves as not being worthy of our relationship, just as one of the actors in that particular movie was behaving.

In fact, do we know that a large number of our interactions these days are heavily influenced by what we see on tv and social media? Which means that we should be very selective about what we watch to avoid poisoning ourselves with content that can result in tarnishing our relationships and interactions.

It Makes Us Super Aggressive

Indeed, as we get in over our heads regarding what our partners might be doing, we tend to be overwhelmed by our emotions and display them as aggression.

For example, after watching a particular episode of a given series, do we find ourselves feeling aggressive towards our partner because we are relating it to a particular episode or series? If this is the case, then we might need to ease down on these movies because we are becoming super obsessed with them.

Romanticizing Our Interactions

The flip side of the coin is that these movies and series also romanticize our interactions. What this simply means is that our view of relationships from tv to real life become so obscured that we fail to see the difference.

See, in life, we sometimes need that rationality to realize whether we are in a stable relationship or not. However, when we consistently tie our human relationships to the tv ones, we fail to see the cues that signal that we are in a toxic relationship.

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