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Possible Natural Remedies For Colds And Flu

At some point in life, every person will suffer from colds and flu. This is a common problem, with the average adult dealing with sore throats, fever, and cough’s multiple times in a year. These illnesses are caused by a virus and, therefore, cannot be avoided completely. You only have the option of reducing the symptoms. As these are common problems, there is no shortage of remedies to relieve the symptoms.

When looking for some natural remedies, you will want to understand the effective ones that provide relief. Some remedies are just a waste of time although they are spoken about as effective.

Here are some natural remedies for colds and flu.

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The herbal supplement Echinacea is gaining popularity in America. In fact, U.S. consumers purchase about $132 million worth of this product. It is promoted as a natural health supplement that has the potential to reduce the duration of respiratory infections. Is it really effective?

Echinacea is a natural medicine that is used by Native American tribes to treat a variety of conditions, including scarlet fever and syphilis. It has been used for over four centuries. Claims were made back then that the herb could cure almost anything, including cancer. Clinical trials are ongoing to understand how the herb works. The clinical trials conducted so far have not been encouraging. Therefore, if you intend to use this medication, please have a consultation with your doctor first.

 Zinc Supplements

Zinc is another popular natural remedy that has been used for colds and flu. The sale of zinc supplements surged to $108 million in America in 2014. When ingested in large doses, zinc supplements can reduce a cold by about three days. It has been observed that zinc has certain antiviral properties in laboratory conditions. This is certainly a natural treatment that you can use, but it is advisable not to use it in the intranasal form. Doing so can have a side effect and make you lose your sense of smell permanently. The FDA has outlawed a number of nasal products after many complaints were received from consumers.

 Vitamin Supplements

Supplements of vitamin C and vitamin D are being investigated to understand whether they can be used as natural remedies for colds and flu. The results have been discouraging until this time and the conclusions have been contradictory. People who have tried supplements of vitamin C have provided varied results because they needed large doses, often in the region of 1000 mg or 2000 mg.

 The Old-Fashioned Chicken Soup

Having some traditional chicken soup may seem like a comforting way to wait for the illness to go away by itself. However, research has pointed out several health benefits from having chicken soup. Hot and steamy chicken soup can open up the nasal passages, easing congestion. It can also keep your energy up and stave away dehydration. Lab results have suggested that chicken soup is also helpful against inflammation despite the properties not being proven on humans.

 Hot Tea 

Have you considered having some hot tea when you are sick? If not you should be doing so without any exceptions because the benefits of hot tea are similar to those of chicken soup. The steam can relieve clogged nasal passages and soothe a sore throat while also keeping you hydrated. The antioxidants in black and green tea can also assist in fighting disease.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? – Medicine.” ― Tim Minchin[/su_quote]

The list above is just to make you understand that natural remedies for colds and flu exist. However, some of them may not be really effective. You are advised to have a consultation with your doctor if you intend to use any of the remedies apart from chicken soup and tea.

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