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Here Are Some Tips To Love Yourself More This Year

Did you get heartbroken by a recent breakup  Are you one of those people who still hope to get into a relationship with the one you love? Are you still single whose significant other has yet to come?

Whatever your situation is, dealing with your love life has never been easy. Not to mention that we get lonely celebrating the festive Season without our loved ones! How can we ever feel loved and wanted when we don’t have our significant other? Maybe it’s time for you to accept the single life and love yourself more. This is the perfect time for us to rekindle our love for ourselves and see our worth. Love is not just about loving someone else. It’s about loving yourself and becoming happy. Here’s how you can dedicate more time to yourself in 2018.

Stop Letting Yourself Down


Whether you’re mourning and crying over a failed relationship or you failed to achieve your goals in life, it’s okay to be down for a while. It’s okay to feel discouraged and unmotivated. However, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. While you have failed to achieve your goal, you also need to see how far you’ve come. Pat yourself because even if your relationship failed or you didn’t achieve your goal, you still gave your all. You may not be where you want to be right now but you’ve certainly gone a long way where you started.

Cast all your doubts and self-criticisms. Stop being negative. Be confident and believe in your abilities. Always remember that as a human being, you’re bound to make mistakes. The most important thing is that you learned from it. If you’ve done something wrong with your past relationship, fix it now that you’re single and maybe, your next relationship will last longer.

Take a Break from Relationships

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Rediscover Your Love For Yourself

Stop believing in the idea that you can only be happy if you’re in a relationship. That’s why instead of seeking another relationship after breakups right away take this opportunity to self-heal. Rediscover yourself once again and rekindle your love for yourself. Do the things you’ve never had the time to do when you were still in a relationship. Do you want to travel the world? Do it now. Want to enhance your skills or pursue your dreams? It’s about time for you to pursue them. The truth is you can be happy outside of the relationship. And who knows, maybe this self-discovery will help pave the way to become the best version of yourself.


Just because you’re not in a relationship anymore it doesn’t mean that you should stop staying in shape. Being healthy is not just about becoming fit in order to become appealing to your loved one. If you really love yourself, you will love and accept your body. You would want to become healthy so that you can live longer and free yourself from sickness and illness. The true meaning of healthy isn’t defined by your physical appearance, but it defines your overall health and wellbeing. Now that you’re not going home late from a date, you can use this opportunity to sleep longer and rest, and then have your morning walks.

Take a Vacation

Traveling Alone Will Help You Discover the World in a New Perspective

Don’t isolate yourself in the corner and wallow in self-pity, it’ll only lead to misery. Instead, take this chance to go wherever you want. You don’t have to ask for permission from your love anymore. Do you want to have a holiday trip outside the country? Now’s your time to discover a new place! Do you want to party at your friend’s house overnight? It’s time for you to catch up with your friends. Don’t let your failed relationship fail you, stand up and explore the world again in a new perspective.

Treat Yourself


When we’re in a relationship, we hardly pamper ourselves because we’re so focused on doing something with our loved one. For example, instead of buying that favorite book of yours, you would save that money for your monthsary date with your boyfriend. Instead of buying yourself that new pair of pants or shoes, you would save that money to buy flowers and chocolates for your girlfriend. Well, news flash! You can now pamper yourself and buy and do what you want because you now have all the time, money, and attention in the world.

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