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Get a Move On! Here’s How You Can Enjoy Fitness During The Pandemic

Let us be honest. At least half of us who were wrapped up in bedsheets lazily scrolling through social media during the quarantine came across fitness gurus posting about their summer body challenge.

Although the time and opportunity to concentrate on our health was optimum at the time, most of us slacked and let it slip away. But we get it. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a few extra hours without worrying about the piling traffic on the roads!


iStockPhoto | It’s easy to sleep a little extra when you’re working from home and not worried about reaching the office on time. But getting movement is critical for health

But like every situation, there’s a flip side to this one too. Excessive laziness equals increasing weight and health issues. So with things slightly getting back to normal, it’s time to reboot your fitness journey and sculpt that perfect summer body.

Here are three questions you should analyze to figure out what your body needs.

The movement that keeps you engaged and happy

Exercising for the sake of completing your workout schedule is of no use. Ask yourself, “What kind of training makes me feel happy?” Take your time and ponder over the various methods you’ve so far tried. Do you enjoy strolling in the park? Are you cozy doing yoga? Do you enjoy the mini dance party via Zoom with your friends?

Be it anything similar to these, if they bring you joy, then they’re the right exercises to keep you active. Get creative and find what best suits you.

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Getty Images | Try to make exercising more fun. Have you tried moving in sync with your friends over a video call?

How do you wish to feel?

Ask yourself how your body wishes to feel. Does your body wish for a straight 8 hours sleep or to hit the gym and dynamically workout? People often receive criticism for being on extreme diets or exercising vigorously. While they may say that out of concern, the fact is that no one can appreciate your body more than you.

Talking to yourself by muting the world around you and gain self-insight.

What words should you tell your body?

Don’t we love the smile on people’s faces when we compliment them? So then, why don’t you compliment yourself more often! When we speak about body positivity, the first factor is self-appreciation. Just imagine how it would be if you thank yourself for smiling, breathing, and spreading the love around? You can try saying:

  • My body is flawless, for it is consistently protecting my soul.
  • My fitness determines my worth and not the people around me.
  • I’m thankful for all the times my immune system resisted diseases.
  • I am thankful for being alive.

Believe us. You’ll feel a lot stronger when you connect with yourself.

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Dreamstime | Focus on your blessings, express gratefulness, and connect with yourself to feel stronger

The wrap-up

Vibing with fitness is easy if you focus on yourself and not on others’ opinions. We trust that you will find your inner peace and vibe with fitness just for you.

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