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Chinese Doctors Recommended These Foods in Order to Boost Your Immune System Against the Coronavirus; the First one is Often Ignored

People all over the globe are suffering at the hands of coronavirus, but taking measures in order to lower the risk of infection is mandatory in order to stay healthy.

While washing hands and social distancing may help you in fighting against the coronavirus but maintaining a healthy diet is also the key in helping your immune system fight against the possible strike of coronavirus. Here are a couple of foods that can help you in boosting your immune system

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers are the supreme kind of food which contain vitamin C. It has been proved by a research that a cup of red bell peppers contain more than 200% of one’s daily need of vitamin C. This fruit plays a major part in supporting major cell functions and helps in the growth and repair the tissues of the person’s body.


Often ignored by many people while picking groceries, a cup of chopped broccoli contains 50% of your daily need of vitamin C. Being packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals, the food not only supports the immune system but fights against many kinds of viruses and bacteria.


These little guys contain the protein that not only protects the tissue damage but help them grow.  Chickpeas are packed with zinc that is helpful in controlling the immune system and regularization of the immune responses.


I would prefer a strawberry over an apple any day. A half-cup of these red cheeks contains 50% of our daily demand of vitamin C. Strawberries also play on the human side and protect the body against viruses while repairing the tissue damage and heal the body from inside.


Their presence in every food means these provide taste to the food. Being tasty, these yellow heads are beneficial in lowering the Blood level and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Garlic also has a tendency to fight against antibodies and are considered as immunity boosters all over the world. People who use this in their daily routine have 80% less chance of catching the regular flu or a common cold.


Sun might be the primary source of vitamin C, but never ever undermine the power of mushrooms. The sunshine vitamin present in the mushrooms enhances the body’s capability in the absorption of calcium, which is helpful in strengthening the bones against some kind of cancers and respiratory diseases.

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