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You’d Never Guess What Karren Brady’s Key Rewarding Career Tips Are – Check Them Out

When thinking of taking career advice, the first thing that pops up is- why should I even be listening to this person?

If there’s anyone you should be listening to, it’s Karren Brady.

But First… Who is Karren Brady?

We think the question should be, who isn’t she?

While Baronness of Knightsbridge is a title she married into, television broadcaster, politician, newspaper columnist, novelist, author, and the sporting executive are all titles she earned for herself. Currently, she serves as the Small Business Ambassador to the US government, the vice-chairperson to football team West Ham United F.C., and featured star on The Apprentice.

Woman and Home | Karren Brady posing for a photo

Impressed? Let’s Move On…

Realizing people’s struggles during work from home, Brady has uncovered key tips on overcoming anxieties related to video calls and how people scared of change can measure up to quit their jobs.

Ready? Let’s jump right into it.

Tip #1- Being Comfortable on Video Call

The first thing Brady mentions is that many people feel self-conscious on voice calls and can often also feel unseen or unheard. To combat the uneasiness, she recommends either investing in a small LED light that can come as cheap as $10 on Amazon or positioning yourself in front of a window so that the light hits your face. You can also change your zoom video settings to “smooth”, making it much better, without looking too filtered.

Additionally, making yourself heard can be fixed with good posture- yes, that matters even on a video call. When speaking, be assertive and look directly into the camera. If you still get interrupted mid-sentence, make sure to politely but assuredly state, “I’d appreciate it if you can wait until I’m done”. You can also lead by example so that when someone else is interrupted, you redirect the team back to finish their point.

Unsplash | Video call anxiety is not too difficult to overcome

Tip #2- Quitting a Job

It can be hard for most people to acknowledge that their workplace isn’t fit to cater to their long-term goals. When a career dead-end is reached at a company, employees find it difficult to call it quits. This need to leave can also arise from strained relations with the superior.

Brady states that if a job cannot provide the level of progression you need for growth, start searching for something new. However, if you want to leave, your boss, quite often building rapport, improves the work environment substantially.

Unsplash | One-on-one interactions solve many problems

All in All…

Career-related decisions can often seem very heavy with no clear- or at least simple- answers. However, listening to people who have achieved significant experience in their lifetime can help put things into perspective.

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