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How This Year’s Galvanize Conference Helps You Expand Your Career as a Female Professional

As much as there have been positive contributions in the empowerment of women, some professional ladies still face proverbial discrimination and male chauvinism at the workplace.

Indeed, such factors hinder women from expanding their career and developing their skills for higher corporate positions.

That being said, some women are rising above the occasion and leading the front in empowering women at the workplace with constructive meetings and functions.

One of the most notable events is Galvanize, which is carried out every year by the Fairygodboss.

The event, in particular, focuses on providing women with the means and knowledge to shatter the barriers that are automatically placed upon them at the workplace based on their gender.

This year, Galvanize empowered women with some of the most prolific speakers, including Morgan Stanley’s own vice chairman of Wealth Management, Ms. Carla Harris.

During the event, Harris divulges into some of the ways in which women can plan their trajectory to the pinnacle of success with their careers.

Here are some of the most notable points she put across regarding the keys to which a woman can transform her career.

Having an influential sponsor is important in assisting you further your career

Come up with a Precise Definition

Many times, when it comes to conversations focusing on female mentorship and advancement, the issue of sponsorship is regularly brought up in the process.

Indeed, both labels are distinct from one another. For example, when you are discussing a mentor, this refers to someone who will provide you with the necessary guidance and direction when it comes to steering your career.

Moreover, such individuals will actively assist you by regularly providing you with career advice and steps to climbing the ladder in your career path.

That being said, quite a number of women receive great benefit from having a sponsor as compared to following a mentor.

As a matter of fact, the CTI (The Center for Talent Innovation) discovered that about 85% of women require support and guidance to further their careers.

Unfortunately, the statistics highlight that many of them receive far less guidance as compared to white male professionals in the workplace.

More women are working hard to reach the pinnacle of career success

Looking for Potential Sponsors

Harris believes that accessing sponsors within the organization is one sure way of advancing your career.

One of the ways that women in the workforce can do this is targeting multiple individuals who can potentially be a constructive sponsor.

Indeed, which one of the senior leaders can play a pivotal role in the advancement of your career?

After you have established these individuals, you can work toward building a relationship with them.

Unfortunately, most male professionals tend to have more sponsors as compared to their female counterparts

After Some time, Assess the Value of the Said Sponsor

According to Harris, one of the primary reasons that a majority of women are incapable of finding great sponsors in their workplace is that they direct a lot of their energy to sponsors that they view as role models, instead of individuals in the organization that are power players and impactful towards advancing their career.

That being said, when determining the value of your sponsors, CTI advises that you should ask yourself questions such as which of the senior leaders can provide you with the most beneficial platforms and avenues of networking to advance your career?

In fact, author of Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor, advises that when you’re in the process of searching for a sponsor, you ought to keep in mind that you’re not searching for a friend, rather an ally.

Contribute to the Relationship as Well

It is vital to establish the reputation of a hardworking and dependable individual who meets their objectives and deadlines. This way, your sponsors can see you as a dependable individual that they can benefit from as well.

You see, the sponsor partnership should be a two-sided affair whereby your sponsor can benefit from the interaction as well.

Indeed, as the sponsor assists you in propelling your career to greater heights, they too can benefit from the heightened feelings of satisfaction in assisting someone.

Conclusively, a sponsorship is one of the most fundamental ways for you to build your career in the right direction. Indeed, the experience, coupled with the positive advice that you can achieve from the mutual relationship, will certainly prove invaluable as you focus on expanding your skills and reaching the next level.

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