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Odisha State to Set Up 10 Career Counseling Centers

The Odisha state in India is set to build about 10 career counseling centers for its top ten universities. This latest action from the Indian government is a response to prepare their graduating students to enter the workforce industry and has already been admired by many.

The Odisha Government is set to Support The Universities with Building Career Counseling Centers

Education Minister Das Said the Odisha Government is Set to Build 10 Career Counseling Centers for Students

Education Minister Das Said the Odisha Government is Set to Build 10 Career Counseling Centers for Students

The government is hopeful that with the building of career counseling centers, the state will be able to improve the employment rate as well as boost their economy. The counseling centers will provide all kinds of support their students need. This ranges from admissions, study placements, as well as internships up until their graduation and the moment they land their first job. The universities include in the primary draft proposal are:

  • Ramadevi University
  • Ravenshaw University
  • Fakir Mohan University
  • North Orissa University
  • Gangadhar Meher University
  • Khallikote University
  • Jagannath Sanskrit University
Ramadevi University Is One of the Beneficiaries for the Said Career Counseling Centers

Ramadevi University Is One of the Beneficiaries for the Said Career Counseling Centers

These centers are also expected to provide assistance for students to help with their career planning, exam and career assessment, as well as their internship. The head minister of education, Anant Das reiterated that building of career counseling centers has been effective so far and they’re planning to adapt it in their state to upgrade the quality of education and job for their own communities and citizens. It can be remembered that the first career counseling centers set up by the government are in Utkal University, women’s University, Berhampur University, and Sambalpur University. The performance rate of students admitted and had undergone career counseling before it became effective. Education Minister Anant Das wished to recreate that success in Odisha state.

The Education Minister Is Hopeful That This Project Will Be a Successful One

Despite being hopeful and enthusiastic about the success of this project, Anant recognizes the challenge it brings to building career counseling centers. They already anticipated this beforehand, that’s why they’re also seeking partnerships with reputable organizations and institutions in order to conduct effective communication towards the students and match them up to industries and prominent companies that are in lieu of their expertise. They’re doing this in order to minimize, if not avoid, job mismatch that contributes to the booming unemployment rate problem in the country. They will also conduct several aptitude tests and activities in order to determine a student’s unique personality, abilities, and expertise and match them up to appropriate companies.

Education Minister Ananta Das Said This is The Government's Most Ambitious Project Yet

Education Minister Ananta Das Said This is The Government’s Most Ambitious Project Yet

Das also states that the government had allocated around Rs 93 lakh in order to set up counseling centers and realize this ambitious project. They’re also glad to say that the said universities above can have access to the funds by early February 2018 in order to start the project as soon as possible. Once the buildings have been established, the centers are also expected to provide motivational classes to help guide the students.

They will help the students in goal settings in order to provide equal opportunity as they embark their journey to the adult working life. Das has no doubt that preparing and equipping the students with everything they need will help boost their confidence during examinations and interviews. This way, they won’t feel anxious and nervous when answering, leading to the reduction of their chances not to get hired.

Their Career Counseling Centers Go Beyond These Services!

We all know that working in the government provides tremendous benefits to the employees. Aside from the stability of the job, holidays, and paid leaves, the employees are also entitled to numerous incentives. That’s why we cannot deny that most aspiring graduates are also hoping to enter the government workforce. However, one challenging setback that’s been hindering the students from applying is the civil service eligibility. If you want to be a government employee, you must pass the Civil Service exam. If you can’t then your chances of getting hired is minimal. That’s why the Odisha government also considers this as part of their services.

The Government also Plans to Build Civil Service Coaching Center

The Government also Plans to Build Civil Service Coaching Center

Aside from building career counseling centers, the government had also allocated a budget to set up a “Civil Service Coaching or Review Center” to help those students who wished to pursue a career in the government to help them prepare for the said examination. In this way, the students will know what to expect, or the coverage flow of the exam and they’ll have a chance to study and condition their mind. The government is hopeful that more students will be able to pass the exam and work in the government in the near future.

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