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What’s Your Chronotype And How Can It Help You Do More?

No matter how inspired or motivated you are, there are times when you feel tired and bored. When your productivity starts to diminish, you should take a break to ease the boredom and tiredness. People replenish themselves through various ways: some go for a cup of coffee or tea, others take energy drinks, whole others take a nap to revitalize ourselves. But even these do not guarantee relief. How can you solve this problem and boost your productivity?

Tell you what, it is all about energy timing. If you want to utilize your energy and increase your productivity, you should know when to work. Therefore, it is necessary to determine your chronotype to determine when you’re most energized and enthusiastic to accomplish all your tasks. Thus, Breus created four new chronotypes in his book named The Power of When and linked them to four animals. He also broke down the best times for different activities based on preferences, hormones, and biology. Let us see these four chronotypes and determine which one suits you best.


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Naturally, dolphins are light sleepers and are sensitive to any kind of noise. A whisper is enough to wake them up because only half of their brain goes to sleep while the other half remains alert. 

If your chronotype is a dolphin, it means that you are intelligent, perfectionist, and of course, you have problems in sleeping because you pay too much attention to minute details. Because you have such a low sleep drive, you tend to think about how you could have done things differently. Thus, you wake up tired.

If these traits sound familiar to you, then you’re definitely the dolphin type. Dolphins can function well with just 6 hours of sleep, and their ideal sleeping time is around 11:30 pm. They tend to wake up around 7:30 am and their suitable work time is 9 am to 6 pm. When dealing with complex activities, it’s best to perform them from 3 pm to 9 pm when your brain is most active. If you want to relax, we recommend yoga or meditation.

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Lions are very optimistic and are early risers. They love to do and accomplish things in the morning. Most people who possess a lion chronotype are leaders occupying the C-level management positions. They always develop a deep level of strategic thinking, are very organized, and like to take big leaps and risks. They love to practice analytical and logical thinking when faced with challenges and troubles.

If you are a lion type, the perfect time to sleep is around 10 pm, and since you’re an early riser, you usually wake up around 5:30-6:00 am. Since you love to accomplish your tasks in the morning, you need to get things done between 8 am and noon. Lions also love to engage in high-intensity workouts because it makes them feel fulfilled and in control of their lives.

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Bears are outgoing, sociable, and fun to be with. They are fond of making friends and love to form close relationships. Unlike lions who are leaders in nature, they love to be part of a team and participate. Bears often follow a solar-based time clock with naps in between. Most bears are active during the day and rest when the sun sets. This means that they need around 7-8 hours minimum of sleep. And since they “hibernate” and sleep like a rock when asleep, it takes time for them to wake up. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see them being grumpy in the morning.

If you are a bear, you need to go to bed at 11:30 pm latest and most likely be awake around b7:30 am.m. This is the ideal body clock system for you, though we bet that on weekends, you can wake up as late as 12 pm. Most bears are at the peak from 10 pm to 2 pm. Most bears tend to get bored if they’re alone for a long period.  


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Wolves are nocturnal in nature, and they are emotional, creative, insightful, and intuitive. People with a wolf chronotype are the artistic type and are most productive in the evening. These people are introverts, and you will probably see them in the back corner of a party rather than in a spotlight. 

Because of their desire to explore and get new experiences, they take risks and are impulsive. If you are a wolf, then you probably don’t go to bed before midnight, and you get up late. Wolves are most productive and creative from 5 pm to midnight. They are truly the night owls, and this is their time to shine.

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