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You Can Get Everything You Want in Life Through This ONE Practice

None of us are, no matter how much we would want to be, in control of our destiny. We act according to our free will and make the choices we believe are right. But still, there are laws of nature to which we have to oblige, and some of them give us a better chance at achieving our end goal. Let’s say you want to live until your old age. For that to happen, you have to exercise regularly, eat healthily, visit the doctor often, and stay away from smoking and drinking. If you understand life principles and how they work, you will be in better control of your destiny and how your life turns out.

Here are three principles that can help towards your success.

 Seed time and then harvest it

Of course, you can’t literally period and harvest time, but this principle works on the “You reap what you sow” cliché. There are two things that are important here — timing and work. This differs from a person to person because not everybody needs the same amount of time for their work. For example, a college student can slack off for a month and then study for the exam the night before and still get a good grade. Even though the student got to the end result they were hoping for, they will soon learn that this tactic is faulty. As more time passes and the workload gets significantly larger, they will learn the importance of time management because their success wasn’t a rule, it was an exception to it.

Now, imagine a farmer, this is where our sowing and reaping metaphor has a literal meaning from. The farmer can’t plant the seeds one night and then harvest it the next morning. He works hard for his harvest but in the end, he gets a field full of crops, and that’s why it was worth the wait.

Try applying this principle in life, and know you must work hard and be patient and something good will come from your hard work.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]  “Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”— Jules Renard [/su_quote]

 The input and output don’t always have to be equal

Especially when we’re striving to achieve a new goal, the input will be much greater than the output. We can use the farming metaphor here as well.

At first, the work he puts into his farm is much greater than it will be in a year when his farm has already existed for a while and has had enough input. In time, with a lot of patience, the seeds of your effort will grow, the output will become greater, and you won’t have to put in as much work as you did in the beginning. What is also important to remember is that the input will compound over time.

It’s just like with every other investment, you invest your time so you could, over time, have a profit of some sort. If you’ve invested wisely, you will watch as your small investments slowly grow and multiply over time.

 Consistency is vital

What’s even more important than time managing and hard work is consistency. How many times in your life have you started doing something, put in a lot of time and hard work and then, after a period of time, gave up because it was too hard or you just didn’t feel like doing it anymore?

Consistency is the key to achieving your goals. If you simply give up not only will you have wasted all that time and effort, but you will also feel like a failure and lose all the motivation you have.

If you keep exercising, you will lose that weight that’s been bothering you for some time. If you keep saving, in the end, you’ll be able to go on that trip you’ve been planning. If you constantly study, you will be able to pass that exam that’s been bothering you for months. Because, if you’re persistent enough, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

And think about that farmer one more time, if he had given up, he wouldn’t have anything to it. It’s all about finding the right inspiration that will keep you constantly going forward towards your goals.

In life, there may be no guarantee that everything will go according to a plan but you can still do all that is in your power to make sure it does.

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