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How Vitamins & Nutrients Can Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age?

As you age, it is pertinent to have a keen eye on your mental health. Because your brain malfunctions as you grow old. According to experts, our mental health is directly linked to the food that we consume every day. Like it or not, what you eat every day is directly proportional to your mental health. In other words, your diet determines the health of your brain.

Teona / Pexels / Eating a balanced diet can help in maintaining sound mental health and in avoiding mental decline.

That is why, when it comes to keeping your mind healthy as you grow old, the diet plan plays a big role. Consuming a range of foods is critical to obtaining the vitamins and nutrients your mind needs to maintain carrying out at its finest.

“Food and nutrients can certainly help support a healthy and balanced mind. It can aid in the ability to slow down the age-related decline in brain features,” asserts popular dietician Robin Foroutan. He goes on to say, preventing your mental health from declining should be the top priority of everyone. And nothing can do it better than vitamins and nutrients. “All of us want our minds to be age-resistant, so this is great news.”

So, which vitamins assist brain health and wellness? Below are some of the tried and trusted vitamins that can keep your brain healthy regardless of your age:

  • Fatty Acids AKA Omega-3

Meruyert / Pexels / Fish, walnuts, and sunflower oil are rich in fatty acids.

Have you ever wondered why fattish fish like tuna and salmon are labeled as part of a balanced diet? Well, one of the fundamental reasons is that they have fatty acids or Omega-3. Unlike other vitamins, omega-3s are considered a natural antidote to brain demise.

As the name suggests, fatty acids possess unsaturated fat that helps in protecting the brain from any kind of malfunctioning. However, it is pertinent to mention here that over-consumption of fatty acids may create an allergic reaction in some sensitive organs of the body.

  • E Vitamin

E Vitamins are scientifically termed antioxidants. What that means is it helps in avoiding body cells from oxidative stress. As one ages, different body organs wither out. And the decline of the mind is no exception. Due to oxidative stress, a cognitive decline occurs in the brain as you exceed the standard age (which is 45 to 50 years).

Kampus / Pexels / Vitamin E is found in fresh vegetables, green salads, and leafy lettuce.

This is where Vitamin E comes into play. They stop oxidative stress and calm down the entire nervous and cognitive system. Consequently, the cognitive system functions normally and so does the brain. You can find an abundant amount of Vitamin E in green vegetables, leafy salads, avocados, seeds, nuts, and lettuce.

  • Vitamin Cs

Just like Vitamin Es, C vitamins are also antioxidants. However, vitamin Cs are predominant for their immunity powers. People who consume vitamin Cs in abundance are less likely to be exposed to diseases, especially Alzheimer’s. As you consume a standard amount of C vitamins, your immune system enhances and your body effectively defends against all diseases. You can find C Vitamins in berries, nuts, tomatoes, cauliflowers, and citrus.

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