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Does Crying Really a Sign of Weakness? You’ll be Surprised to Know the Answer

Crying helps the body not only in the reduction of emotional stress but actually for processing it. You should consider emotions to be an invisible force that moves through the human body. A lot of people have the tendency to think that simply because feelings can’t be seen or felt when they choose to not feel them then they just go away. However, that isn’t the true state of things. Holding emotions back causes emotional energy to get congested inside the body. The emotional energy isn’t circulating and has no way to complete its cycle.

Crying isn’t only an expression of sadness as a lot of people cry for different reasons

There are different reasons why crying cannot rightly be regarded as a sign indicating weakness. On the other hand, crying can be described as a common response to different kinds of emotions. However, a lot of people dismiss people who cry as being weak and those who cannot cope well with their own emotions.

There are even times when people get told to desist from crying when they are handling emotional distress. However, there has to be a change in current times that issues about emotional and mental health are prevailing. Crying isn’t actually a sign that you are weak and there are different reasons to actually let the tears out.

  1. Crying Shows That You Are Human

Crying has been described as the most basic humanity sign. While this is a debatable conclusion, the results of a research indicate that a lot of animals have tears to most of their eyes which helps in soothing their eyes. However, humans are the only mammal alive that cry as a response to emotions. Crying, in fact, has been described as the doctor’s manner of identifying that a baby is in good health.

2. Crying Helps You Clean Your Eyes

Tears help you moisturize your eyes as it helps you with clear sight and helps to remove unwanted dust. There is an enzyme known as Lysozyme which is found in the tears and it possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties. Also, tears contain glucose which helps in nourishing the eye surface.

Crying helps to actually moisturize the eyes and contributes to having clearer sight

Pretending that everything is fine does not solve anything. It only leads to build up of emotions. Crying can be a good way to let go of something that isn’t useful or beneficial anymore. Going around with emotional baggage has the tendency to have adverse effects on your mental health.

4. Crying has health benefits

Crying helps to release the toxin and also kill bacteria. It is the natural defense mechanism of the body against germs that are commonly found in public places. The body is designed in such a way that it can protect us. The body will take all needs are measures to ensure that bacteria are prevented from gaining entry. Crying also helps to eliminate the foreign elements and one should bear that in mind before trying to hold the tears back.

5. Crying helps in stress situations

According to Lauren Bylsma of the University of South Florida, crying is considered to help one let out stress toxins or hormones of the body.  By crying, there is a likelihood that you are releasing stress when your body starts to relax. According to William H. Frey II, crying helps to get rid of chemicals built up when one is stressed. Tears contain a hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone, also called ACTHM. This hormone is regarded as stress hormone and crying helps to flush it out

6. It helps process loss and grief

Weeping helps to make grief’s depth lesser. Losing a person or a thing you find important is very tragic. The feeling of grief can overwhelm one to the extent that you only get your relief through crying as well as getting your good friend to hug you. A lot of people hold back the tears so things are made easier for other people. However, it isn’t the best approach. Pretending to appear strong simply to help other people feel additional comfortable at your own detriment isn’t advisable. Your focus should rather be on the thing needed to scale a moment of crying.

7. Crying supports all emotions

Crying isn’t a way of expressing just one emotion. A lot of people cry in the face of sadness, others cry because they are ecstatic and there are people who cry in cases when they are hurt or embarrassed or angry. In essence, crying helps to embrace emotions.

Research reveals that on an average, women cry 5.3 times monthly while men cry 1.3 times monthly. However, regardless of the gender, crying signifies that one is comfortable with the existing emotions. Crying also helps influence other people to remain comfortable with emotions.

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