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Subtle Tips to Help you Kill Your Phone Dependency

Phone addiction is at its all-time high. With all the social media platforms for one to access, and the fact that phones have become an integral part of day-to-day business, it’s hard to put your phone away even for a brief second.

Once you hear that ping, you instantly awaken, grabbing your phone and squinting your eyes so hard at the screen that your eyes might even pop out!

So if indeed there is a problem, why don’t people do something about it? The biggest hindrance to quitting phone addiction is denial. Most people are unwilling to accept that they have a problem, hence continue using their phones regularly.

That being said, if you find yourself reaching for the phone first thing in the morning before getting out of the bed, then you might just have a problem. Here are some subtle tips and tricks that can help you kill your phone dependency or addiction.

Phone addiction is real and is becoming a major problem for many individuals

Delete All Your Social Media Accounts…for Now

Crazy right? What would you do all day without having to see all the numerous likes from all your friends regarding your latest photos on your skiing trip to Aspen?

Probably something productive. You know, go to school, start a business.

Though this might sound harder than it looks, the first thing you’ve got to do is to suspend all those social media accounts. You’ll be surprised at how much time you spend DMing people, liking other photos, and debating on what’s trending.

So all the Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter Apps should be uninstalled for now!

Most people that are addicted to their phones end up wasting a lot of time

Take up a Hobby

Mind you, having Twitter fingers is not a hobby. Why not getting in touch with nature for once? You can start by buying a bike and riding it around the neighborhood, or maybe even enrolling in a cooking class to impress your date next month? Whatever you do, it should encompass some sort of physical activity so that your hands won’t be free, and you won’t get the urge to reach out for your phone.

FYI, be creative. Anything that makes you excited enough to forget about your phone is a good thing!

Make Your Phone Theme as Dull as Possible

There is a profound effect that color has on perspective. The more bright and vibrant colors are, the more attractive it seems to an individual. In fact, it’s even applied in day to day life.

Have you ever asked yourself why grocery stores and supermarket always have shiny white floors with quite a bright ambiance? That’s a psychological advertising method that’s used to lure customers in. Let’s face it, chances are slim that you would enter a dimly lit supermarket with the most ‘meh’ of floors.

The same should apply to your phone, only this time in reverse.

In fact, by using dull colors, you will be making your phone as unattractive as possible. This not only serves to lessen your interest on any notifications but even after you open your phone, you do not get hooked by what is on the screen!

If You’re in Business, Use Your Laptop Instead

Yes, phones might be easier to access as compared to laptops, but that’s where the problem lies. By relying on your laptop, you’re preventing yourself from always being on your phone. Plus this is also a good way to hinder yourself from carrying work to the house which might ruin some quality family time with the kids and the spouse.

Call More Than Text

A simple bus ride will show you just how insane phone addiction is. You might even find that everyone has their phones whipped out busy texting away as they head to work. Reason being? They are using texting as their main mode of communication.

Though calling might be slightly more expensive, it’s actually more effective in the long run. By calling people to communicate your wants and needs, you are letting them know exactly what you would like to be done, and hence, ending the communication early.

However, texting all the time makes you susceptible to wasting time because it takes more effort to write a text than to just say what you wanted to say.

All in all, the more calls you make, the higher your chances of spending less time on your phone.

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