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A List of Some of the Best Hotels to Visit for Your Next Vacation!

Destination paradise? Thank you! Heck, it’s a given at some point you’ve wished you could teleport yourself to some heavenly spa or resort in the middle of nowhere. Too bad you’ve got to save *sigh*

However, if you’re up to the task of saving up, then this article is definitely one for keeps! That’s because you’ll be getting a list of some of the most exotic hotels that you should definitely visit for your next vacation. So let’s get started!

Some hotels are truly magnificent and feel like a slice out of heaven!

Sasbachwalden, Germany- Wine barrels found in the Black Forest

If by chance you’re a wine connoisseur, then this is one haven you will certainly enjoy. Make a toast to your epic journey that begins at the hilltops of the wine barrels, elegantly furnished rooms located in this vineyard.

Impressively, these elevated private rooms are exquisitely decorated and furnished by the Wild Family. Additionally, you’ll find your nesting place in these two, 8,000-liter wine barrels equipped with high-quality mattresses, duvets, and an eco-toilet sink.

Best of all, you get to sample the sunset with all its splendor, while still having the opportunity to sample some of the fines local wines. Let’s not forget other subtle complementaries such as Appenzeller Cheese accompanied by chocolate, Black Forest ham, and whole grain bread. P.S. Mrs. Wild does you the honor of delivering these tasty delights to your ‘room’ on her golf cart!

Sabrevois, Quebec, Canada- The Overwater tipis

If you’re looking to sample the Canadian landscape with all its magnificence, then have a taste of the majestic Richelieu River in the province of Quebec with all its beautiful tipis.

Additionally, you can settle in at the Domaine Pourki, a riverside resort that rents water tipis, as well as fully furnished lodging rooms.

Activities that you can partake in during the day include setting on rafts anchored in close proximity to the shore. Moreover, if you’re up for a scrumptious bite, there is a grill next to the bobbing deck in the event that you have made a notable catch.

Not sure where to plan your next vacation? This list contains some of the most magnificent hotels built with ingenuity

Monte Vista, Colorado-Movie Manor

Movie enthusiasts will find this place particularly intriguing; especially veterans who have a soft spot for the ‘60s and ‘70s drive-by experience.

As soon as the sun sets, guests have the opportunity to either watch a movie in the privacy and comfort of their rooms.

On the other hand, if they are looking for the social experience, they can head to another room, or even catch the flick of the day in the parking lot!

So for those who had been planning a trip to the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, this one cozy spot that provides an unforgettable motel experience!

As a matter of fact, each of the rooms is even named after a famous Hollywood movie star. Plus you get essential accessories such as a TV, microwave, and fridge with plenty of treats!

Queensland Australia- The Great Barrier Reef

When it comes to adventure, there’s never enough of it! Hence, sample the exhilarating beauty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, home to a myriad of vibrant sea creatures that will no doubt mesmerize and captivate you.

Additionally, you can get started by booking yourself atop the Hardy reef.

Once lodging is secured, prepare to indulge in a number of overnight expeditions involving, you guessed it; snorkel gear, propulsion devices, and scuba diving accessories.

During evening hours, get to watch exotic sea turtles thanks to underwater lighting and different kinds of fish that you can think of.

UAE, The Palm Island Sands

The word lavish has never been so elegantly described as by The Palm Island Sands. This 5-star hotel has 1,539 guest rooms available. Interestingly, the most elegant of the rooms are located beneath the sea; specifically the Neptune and Poseidon Suites.

So what do you get to sample in these suites? For starters, the hefty $8000 per night itself is a clear indication that only the crème de la crème and financially secure individuals can afford to have a good night sleep at such depths.

However, the experience itself is worth it. Not only do you have yourself a dedicated butler on standby, but also there’s nothing more exhilarating than having a good night sleep will all those magnificent sea creatures watching you!

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