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Ariana Grande Finds an Incredible Way to Cope With Her Mental Health Struggles

After the controversial breakup and trauma she endured in 2018, the renowned singer Ariana Grande opened up how her hectic schedules and back-to-back commitments affect her mental health on a daily basis. In a heart-warming interview, Grande opened up about the fierce battle she endured and how she emerged victorious against it.

The Confession

The 25-year-old famous singer, Ariana Grande, took to social media to interact with her fans during her Sweetener World Tour. Grande also dropped shocking news that she’s planning to release a new song in collaboration with co-famous singer, Victoria Monét.

Grande dropped the news following after she released two albums entitled Thank U, Next, and Sweetener last year.

Grande dropped the news after she released two albums entitled Thank U, Next, and Sweetener last year

Grande also tagged Monét in the tweet, urging her to spill more details about their latest music project. The pop sensation added that she’s excited to work with her and plans to enjoy every moment creating a new musical masterpiece since life is too short to pass up on the opportunity for such an epic collaboration.

Working on Her Pace

Most of Grande’s fans were also ecstatic upon hearing about the collaboration. They praised Grande for her strength and determination despite the controversies and heartbreaks she endured last year. Grande also retweeted one of her fans’ words that praised her for releasing new music on her own schedule and pace. Meanwhile, the renowned singer said that she doesn’t care about the rules for now, and wants to follow her heart instead.

Grande reveals it's more authentic, fun, healthier, and rewarding for her to release music when her heart compels her to do so.

Grande reveals it’s more authentic, fun, and rewarding for her to release music when her heart tells her to

From now on, Grande will release music whenever she feels like it or when the inspiration hits her. She has decided to remain firm in her decision despite the consequences she could face in the future, as long as it makes her feel real and happy. Grande added that regaining control over her music career was the best decision the singer ever made in her life. Her latest song is set to release this week.

The Struggle

Following the tweet, Grande also opened up about her mental health struggles. The renowned singer revealed how the past year had been incredibly difficult for her. Aside from nursing her heart after a failed engagement, she also dealt with the mental and emotional trauma after the Manchester Area bombing during one of her concert tours. She revealed that her heart still mourns for the lives lost in that tragic event.

Grande reveals the music she produces, as well as her fans' undying support, enables her to love her job again.

Grande reveals the music she produces as well as her fans’ undying support enables her to love her job again

However, Grande reveals she’s on the road to recovery, and the singer couldn’t help but thank her fans for supporting her rather impulsive, random, and excessive releases of songs and albums. If it wasn’t for their love and loyalty, she would’ve long given up on her career a long time ago. However, whenever she sees her fans smiling and being happy during her performance, it makes all her sacrifices worthwhile.

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