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Moving in with Your Partner? Don’t Even Think About It Before Reading These Vital Tips!

There are three major days in your life; the day you’re born, the day you die, and the day he or she finally moves in with you!

Yep, it started so casually that you didn’t even notice the subtle signs. First, it was the toothbrush, then the extra towel you impulsively bought just in case they need to hit the shower, and before you know it, there’s an extra closet stacked with their clothes.

Admit it, you’re in love…

Now, after having one heck of a serious debate with your partner, you’ve decided to move in together!

Bet you’re excited, right?

That being said, there are rules to this. Indeed, here is what you should expect once the two of you decide to move to one place.

Moving in together is like being married without even knowing it!

Oh Goodbye ‘Le Bachelor Pad’

Yep. It’s time to say goodbye to the pad. No more bringing the peeps over to the game room because it will be converted to a living room where her book study will be held every week.

You might find some of your space being compromised for her delights. For example, she might start putting her stuff around the house without you even noticing it.

Oh, and what about tv? Boy, you’re in for a surprise…

If you’re the kind of guy who loved his action-packed series and movies, get ready to trade in your evening nights with a series of sitcoms and let’s not forget the regular soap opera here and there!

That being said, there are some benefits to this though. For example, your dame will be on point when it comes to toiletries, so you can say goodbye to those dreaded days when you used to rush to the toilet only to find that you forgot to buy the toilet paper for this week!

You’re Not Just Living Together, You’re Actually Married Now

Many couples live together thinking that it’s just cohabiting.

Newsflash! You guys are actually married.

Surprised? Don’t be. There’s no such thing as a pre-marital setup. Basically, you are doing all the things that a married couple is doing except slipping a ring on that finger and getting some kids.

So don’t be surprised when your significant other starts being a little too over-possessive when you start coming home late.

In reality, she does have a right to know where you are because you are living together!

So don’t be surprised when your partner starts treating you like a spouse sans the ring.

Say goodbye to your bachelor days because you’ll have a new player in the house!

The Bathroom Will Be the Only Place for Your Own Thoughts

Need to get some alone time and do a little soul searching? Say goodbye to relaxing in your bedroom and reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

It will be taken!

The only place for your thoughts to truly be yours is the bathroom. So you might find yourself taking unusually long showers especially if you’re mad at your significant other. Yep, that’s right. So better have plenty of shampoo while you’re at it!

At Some Point in Time, You’ll Have to Ask for Some Alone Time

Yep, if the shower just doesn’t cut it out for you and you feel you need to get some alone time from your partner, simply ask for it?

This might sound easier than it seems but it’s really that simple. All you need to say is that you need some time alone to bond with yourself.

See, cohabiting can make you miss the subtle things you used to do when you lived alone. Like walking with just your trainers the whole day around the house.

Or maybe even having a drink and dancing to some house music on full blast with no one around. All you have to do is just ask for it in a sweet and loving way.

It’s only normal that the two of you will occasionally fight because of living together

Be Prepared for the Occasional Fights

No relationship is perfect. So you’ll have to be prepared to fight once in a while. Nevertheless, when it happens, it shouldn’t be in a way where the two of you want to hurt each other.

Indeed, living together means there will be times where the two of you won’t agree on certain things. Whether it’s the fact that you bring your friends to the crib all too often, or maybe you left your socks in the living room, you’ll have to be able to sniff a fight from a mile away and be understanding about it!

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