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Vancouver Car Free Festival Delights; Hot Dog Water Sells for $38 a Bottle!

In every festival, there is always that one stand that STANDS out. So last weekend, to the delight of many that attended the Vancouver’s Car Free Day festival, one particular stand definitely stole the show.

Selling Hot Dog Water

So for 38 bucks a bottle, attendees of the show got a taste of their very own refreshing hot dog water. Yep, you heard that right! Interestingly, instead of attendees avoiding the stand like a plague, they flocked to it like birds to a carcass, curious to see what this hot dog water had in store for them.

Vancouver’s Car Free Day revelers were in for a big surprise when a stand was erected stating that they were selling healthy hot dog water to help you lose weight!

Plus here this: the stall even had a Father’s Day special offer. You could get a deal of two bottles at $75 (Canadian dollars). In fact, that was not all that was for sale at this amusing stand. One had the option of selecting a myriad of hot dog water assortments and accessories such as breath spray, lip balm, and body fragrances! Wow.

Promoted as a health-conscious drink

The man behind the soon to be a millennial fad (fingers crossed), Douglas Bevans, claims that the water, which is ideally a bottle of water having a wiener inside, is, in fact, a health drink. Reason being that the gluten free hot dog is poised to help one cut weight, and further increase his or her brain function. That’s not all, he also claimed that it made one look much younger, and improved their overall vitality.

The protein of the Hot Dog Water further assists one improve the body’s uptake of water content. Moreover, the sodium present in the water helps revitalize the body post workout.

Additionally, Bevans said that there was a lot of research that had been undertaken regarding the recipe; noting that plenty of people with a science background had teamed up to solidify the positive health results of this recipe.

Psyche! It was nothing but a stunt

Despite Bevans clearly convincing a number of revelers at the festival, they were in for a rude shock when he later revealed that it was all just a stunt. Yep. Apparently, he did all this to make people more conscious of the health products that they bought and consumed on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, this was labeled clearly on the print of the bottle, stating that the Hot Dog Water product was an absurdity, and was only being conducted to encourage and improve critical thinking with regard to marketing and the psychological role that it plays when in your purchasing behavior.

Turns out it was nothing but a stunt by one Douglas Bevans who wanted to highlight how easily people feel to the health conscious traps as long as the marketing behind the product was aggressive.

A costly Stunt

However, the stunt wasn’t the friendliest on Bevans wallet. He claimed to have spent a whopping $1200 on the labels, bottles, branding, as well as other costs. In fact, when some revelers realized that it was all a stunt, they were left muddled. What’s surprising is that Bevans managed to sell about 60 liters of the so-called ‘smart water!’

Conclusively, Bevans stated that he wouldn’t end it there, and next time, he hopes that people will be smarter about shelling out $75 on a bottle of ‘health-conscious drink’ just because the marketing was well done.

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