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Summer Hacks to Keep you Hydrated all Day!

During summer, it’s pretty easy to get dehydrated as well as sunburned, especially with so much abundance of sunlight. In fact, staying hydrated in the heat can be a much bigger challenge than doing so in cooler temperatures.

That’s because, during sunny days, you tend to lose more water through the skin in the form of excessive sweating resulting in dehydration. So since it is paramount to replace this lost liquid, hydration becomes necessary.

So why is it important to hydrate? There are a number of reasons why. For starters, it results in bowel regularity, body temperature stability, reduced risk of stones, just to name a couple of issues. That being said, here are some great tips to keep you hydrated throughout the summer.

Summer is here, and with that comes a level of excitement and activity that is unparalleled for the whole year. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to have a great hydration strategy throughout the coming days

Investing in a newer and better water bottle

In a similar manner in which a new work outfit can give one the motivation to hit the gym and look great, the same thing can take place by having a great refillable water bottle; with certain features such as great colors and design.

Keeping your water intake on track

Some of these given water bottles have pretty neat features that inform you to hydrate whenever you’re stocking low. This can be shown through a light illuminating, especially when one hasn’t drunk from their water bottle of late.

Drinking water with a great taste

Buying the likes of mineral water and adding in flavors such as cucumber slices, mint, or strawberries and mixing it up for much later can be a smart way to hydrate with a tantalizing refreshing drink.

Refreshing drinks can be of paramount importance in hot weather and having a water bottle is one great way of ensuring that the amount of water being consumed is refreshing

Get some additional water via food substrates

Fortunately, quite a number of summer foods, especially those that are pretty juicy, have great hydrating factors. Consider the likes of cucumbers, stone fruits, and watermelons, have a pretty decent water content; especially when one is heading out for the summer. Moreover, the likes of grape tomatoes and cherries are quite easily carried, and also come packed with plenty of hydration too.

Monitor what goes out as much as what is coming in

To effectively monitor your hydration levels during summer, make it a habit to monitor certain things like the color of your urine. For starters, if you seem to be urinating every hour or so, and the color is a lemonade light, you are taking in quite a large amount of fluid. However, if the color appears to be darker, and you are not urinating as frequently, then they could probably require to drink more fluids.

Try out seltzer

Seltzer is quite hydrating. However, it’s advisable to not drink a ton of it so that one does not mess up their teeth, so a glass a day would be no problem. One can also add a splash of Luxardo cherry juice and some peach bitters to make the mocktail better.

Drinking plenty of water is great because it helps with quite a number of body processes such as preventing kidney stones and keeping the skin looking healthy.

Coconut water alternative

Having plenty of electrolytes, coconut water can be completely refreshing on a hot sunny day. That being said, when having a douse of your coconut water for rehydration, ensure that it doesn’t contain any added sugar, and doesn’t become the substitute for wholesale for water.

Watch out for booze and coffee

Alcohol and coffee are diuretics. Iced coffee is not similar to water, hence it won’t do the trick when it comes to hydrating you. So as a rule of thumb, ensure to have them crossed out on your list!

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