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Health Trends We Need To Try In 2018

Why do we find it tempting to do things according to what’s trending? We always have a soft spot in trying out what the majority is doing. Because of this, we have innovators to continually offer us new and trendy things. And when new trends are established, the older ones instantly turn to ashes.

Maybe it’s our social aspects that are being probed by these marketing strategies but honestly, it sometimes feels good knowing that we are still able to keep up with the world and we get to experience the present. From iPhone X to virtual technology in the medicine world, we just can’t wait to experience it all.

Aside from the rising technology, there are also the more low key trends that are still changing the world as we know it- the health trends. Health trends are usually incorporated into our diet and fitness routine, with one thing in common and that is to achieve a healthier and better us this year. Let’s review some of them and decide for ourselves whether it’s worth trying or not.


Yes, spices are now making a big comeback in the world of health and wellness. Spices date centuries back and they have a good reputation in natural medicine. In the advances in technology, so did our medicines and we succumb to the laboratory-manufactured ones. But the modern western medicine is slightly taking a step back to accommodate the centuries-old natural healing. One of the most famous spices is turmeric, cayenne, ginger, and cumin. These spices are being added to shakes, yogurts, and they even concoct beverages for said weight loss.

Golden Milk claims to have many health benefits, like achieving a clearer skin and a remedy for digestive problems

One of the most famous spiced-up beverage that is dominating the internet is the golden milk.

Everything Probiotic

Yogurts used to be the main source of probiotics, but not anymore. This trend that started late 2017 is definitely going to continue it’s strong course this year. Many beauty enthusiasts can testify to probiotics amazing benefits. It’s good for the stomach and digestion, and it can also be an alternative way to lessen acne. Because of these claims, probiotics are already found in chips, granolas, and juices.


Just like probiotics, collagen claims to have many benefits when it comes to overall wellness and skin. Collagen treatments are now starting to rise as a new anti-aging holy grail. Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebrities who swear by the claims of collagen. She is also probably one of the reasons why the society is hyping up about this new treatment.

Unlike other anti-aging processes, collagen treatment is non-evasive. In fact, people are already drinking their daily collagen through supplements or powdered juices.

Smoothie powders

Smoothie bowls may perhaps describe the 2017 food trend in one word. Almost everyone is uploading their picture-perfect smoothie bowls on their social media sites. No one can really blame them because smoothie bowls are just so pretty and colorful.

The Mermaid latte in all its glory

One of the good news is that smoothie bowls are here to stay but with a twist. Because people are obsessing with the presentations, food retailers are producing smoothie powders. They are somehow identical to protein powders but are more colorful and tasty. One of the most smoothie powder on the market right now is NutraOrganic’s Mermaid Latte.

Indian Healing Clay

If we could just only teleport to a land where we can have an acne-free and glowing skin, then that place will definitely be overpopulated. The pursuit of killing acne has been one of the most bankable industries in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Brands are popping out which have many claims to do magical things on our faces but it usually doesn’t work. One of the most popular product right now in battling acne and acne scars is the Aztec Indian healing clay.

The clay will be dissolved in Apple Cider Vinegar or water and it will then be applied to our faces. The clay will dry down, and as it does, we can feel our skin getting tighter and tighter. A lot of beauty enthusiasts are reviewing the wonders of this healing clay.

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