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Fitness Requires Effort, Not Just The Desire

Most Americans want to be in a better shape than they are. As such, they spend huge amounts of money to achieve this objective. Unfortunately, few realize the kind of effort they need to make in to succeed in their objectives. Achieving optimum levels of fitness requires effort, and for some reason, Americans are not making the efforts needed to achieve their goals.

According to a study, 66% of Americans believe that they need to be in shape and look good. Many others just want to change the shape of their body. They do not consider the results of having optimum fitness and the health benefits that come with fitness.

Many Americans judge themselves as being too fat. Despite being aware of their condition, only 31% partake in some kind of physical activity with. The rest are not active at all.

What Is the Reason For The Lack of Effort

The American population has all the knowledge about the kind of health issues they face if they do not remain active in their lives. Despite this knowledge, most Americans do not measure up to the recommendations provided by experts concerning physical activity. Just 20% of Americans adhere to this rule.

Adults should be involved in 2 1/2 hours of moderate aerobic activity every week. They should also have some kind of muscle strengthening exercise for at least two days in a week. Reputed institutions such as the AHA recommend 30 minutes of exercise five times a week.

Americans are fully aware they are out of shape and have a desire to begin looking better, but they are reluctant to put in efforts that can help them. What are the reasons behind the reluctance of Americans to exercise?

They Concentrate On Body Shape And Not Health

Many Americans who exercise do so simply to improve the shape of their body. This is not the best motivating factor and is probably doomed to failure. The people who are motivated to become healthy are more likely to continue with their fitness program.

People who are not making enough efforts need to realize that the benefits of exercising go beyond the physical requirements. After beginning an exercise regimen, they will begin to notice a host of psychological benefits that will leave them energized and stress-free.

Women are most affected

Poor body image is keeping people away from becoming active, particularly with women.

Women also are aware that fitness requires effort but are unwilling to exercise in the open. They would rather spend time in a gym, which is not conducive to them. They, unfortunately, do not realize there are a lot of ways to exercise without even getting close to the gym. Going out for a brisk walk is great to set the ball rolling. Some people may even benefit from exercising with friends and colleagues because it motivates them.

People who are unable to venture out into the exteriors for any reason do not have to be disappointed; there are plenty of opportunities exercise from the comfort of one’s home. One just needs to be creative to have better health and a better-looking body.


Americans must consider the larger perspective of their reasons for getting fit, not just the desire for a better-looking body. They should understand that fitness requires effort, and a combination of fitness and health is a better motivating factor.

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