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Top Workplace Trends To Look Forward In 2018

Finding the best workplace for a company is not only vital for the employees’ welfare but also to the company’s operations and productivity. If the employee is happy and contented with his working environment, he or she will be less likely to quit the job. Aside from that, the company will also benefit from a motivated employee because it causes them to be more productive so if your employees are happy, it will also actively improve your company’s productivity. If a series of companies continue to render positive performances, it’ll also contribute to the better economy.

That’s why most popular companies all over the world are heavily investing in innovating their workplace in order to motivate their employees and improve the company’s productivity and customer service. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, here are the top workplace trends you need to look out in 2018. Who knows, maybe it’s time for you to take the game to the next level!

Leaders Encourage More Social Interactions

Companies Encourage Teamwork and Idea Collaboration For Employees

Companies will still put more relevance and values to social interaction above anything else. In fact, you’ll see them designing their workplace and activities based on team building and human interaction to implement peaceful and harmonious working relationships among their workers. If the team is synchronized and unite, it will be easier for the company to accomplish a particular task or project since it encourages idea sharing and collaboration.

We already know that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other giant companies are implementing this strategy so if you haven’t already, we recommend you start seeking for a company that encourages social interaction. If you’re an employer, start creating team building activities with your workers soon. According to study, a conversation between co-workers increases their performance by 20% and around 75% of your employees are likely to stay and be content with their jobs because they have a confidant or a best friend inside the company.

Learn the New Wave of Learning Credentials

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Companies Value an Employee with People Skills and Excellent Customer Service

Gone are the days where a company will heavily rely on your educational background and attainment in order to get you as a potential candidate for the said vacant position. Like the popular coffee shop company Starbucks, they didn’t care about your educational background at all. What they do is they conduct a social test with you. They want to see how well you deal with customers with complaints, how they treat them, as well as your co-workers. If they passed the test, then Starbucks will hire them. Likewise, most companies are no longer putting heavy weight or points based on your educational background.

They will start looking more at your actual skills, abilities, and expertise. They will look for certifications or achievements indicating that you’re passionate about your skills and continue to seek learning opportunities such as training and workshops. They are also interested whether or not you’re active in volunteering organizations or if you’ve received achievements as an employee of the year that demonstrates your excellent performance at work. Last but not the least, they are interested in your customer service and social skills.

Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Reign the Workplace

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Giant Companies Like Facebook Are Developing Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Work in the Office

It seems the technology of artificial intelligence is rising now more than ever. If we chose to follow the social accounts of tech-giant CEO’s like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll see how they’re producing more smart products almost every week. They’re also sharing the progress of their projects that aim to streamline the workload in the labor force and provide more convenience to humans. Chatbots, personal assistants are emerging in this technology-driven world. In fact, nearly 20% of companies have already implemented chatbots in their own workplace, and it’s also anticipated to increase at 57% by 2021.

Companies Prioritize their Employees’ Health and Mental Well-being

Team Building Activities Are Encouraged to Promote Employees’ Welfare

A burnout employee will hurt the company more in the long term. That’s why as much as possible, these companies will prioritize their employee’s health and mental well-being nowadays. Aside from the social interaction, the employees get from their workplace, companies are also investing in health care insurance to protect their employees’ welfare, aside from the team buildings and sports activities to promote a physically active life. This way, not only their employees are protected while they work, but they’ll also be motivated to be productive since they know that their employers are protecting their welfare. This is also to avoid violence that may happen not only in their employees’ private lives but also for the company’s sake too.

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