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Myths You Need To Debunk About Newlyweds

Being with the one you love brings out the best in you and we feel as if we are on top of the world and time stands still. You find yourself wishing for the time to stop and just never end the happiness and contentment you feel in your life, especially if you finally get to marry the one you love and start living a life with your partner. It’s a gratifying and fulfilling moment in our lives, right? Living together, sleeping, eating and creating together a family as you see your children grow up and have a family of their own is everyone’s dream.

While the prospect of getting married and entering a married life together may sound thrilling and exciting, it can also be a dreadful experience. It’s because you may face harsh trials and challenges together that not only will test your love for each other but for your family in general. What’s more, if you believe in a false myth? Here are the myths you need to debunk about newlyweds so that you’ll have a fresh and smooth start living your lives as a married couple.

Newlyweds need to have their privacy all the time

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Traveling Together Makes Your Heart Grow Fonder

While it’s true that in order to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, you need to be physically intimate with your partner, it doesn’t mean that you need to be private all the time. Sure, maybe you can express your love through physical touch during your honeymoon, but there’s still so much thing to do aside from intimacy. You can still explore and get to know each other with questions or have some vacation trip in order to enjoy each other’s company. More than the physical intimacy itself, just by feeling the presence of your partner is enough to make your day. Instead of getting intimate, why don’t you create more beautiful moments for your loved one?

Your Honeymoon Phase will Last Forever

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Honeymoon Phase will wear off over time

Since you’re still at the start of your married life together, you might think that this invigorating feeling will last forever. You promise yourself that you and your partner will manage it throughout and won’t end up breaking up in the future. You promised that your family will never end up being broken in the future. While we don’t want to jinx our marriage, the truth is, we also need to be realistic about it and prepare ourselves for the worse. Life is full of surprises and challenges. Along the way, you’ll meet with hardship, trials, and challenges that will test the foundation of your relationship. So be prepared to endure the pain and agony when the time comes. If you feel like giving up, just remember the vow you made when you got married in the first place. For better or for worse, you choose to be with the person you love.

Conflict Means You’re Breaking Up

When people see that the two of you are arguing or fighting, they will immediately think that you’re bound to break things up. That’s why it’s also implanted in our mind and we get pressured unconsciously to the idea of fighting or arguing. As much as possible, we don’t want to get in a fight with our partner in fear of complicating things that will eventually lead to break up. As we told you before, engaging in conflict is a normal thing.  You and your partner are bound to argue or fight in the future.

Couples Need to Establish Constant Communication to Resolve any Conflict

Because only then it can test the foundation of your relationship. It all about gives and takes, forgive and forget. If the other one is angry and insensible, you should be calm and in logical mind to think about how to solve your family problem (or vice versa). Another thing, make sure not to get into a heated argument when both of you are spitting fire (figuratively, of course). Because if you’re still hot-headed, you might spew some words you don’t really mean which may strain your relationship further. Take some time to cool down. We believe that being calm and constant communication is the key to fixing the problems in your relationship so that you don’t end up breaking up.

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