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Miley Cyrus Explains Why She’s Not in a Hurry to Marry Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and her long-time boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, have been together for close to three years, and as 2018 winds down in less than 2 weeks from now, many are still trying to solve the ultimate puzzle. When is the matrimony between the lovers coming up?

By calculations, the third anniversary of their romantic reunion is very close. The lovebirds made up again and enhanced their relationship in engagement when it was over two years since 2013 when they broke up. They are maintaining a simple lifestyle away from the public since then. However, a beautiful gold ring was spotted on Miley’s finger sometimes ago, raising curiosity about a possible secret marriage.

According to a reliable source last year August, Hemsworth wore the ring to always serve as a reminder to himself and Miley of the promise they shared. However, says the source “…both lovers are yet to formalize their union”. A legal sheet of paper is nonetheless missing in the process, the source said. Miley and Hemsworth were not concentrating on arranging for the wedding at the moment but were more interested in strengthening their lives to the best of their abilities.

After their 2013 breakup, Miley and Liam came back together in 2016 but till date, no signs of marriage.

When 2018 began, Liam’s brother, who is older than him, Chris Hemsworth, affirmed that they didn’t get married formally.

Wildfires’ effects on their home

It would be recalled that both lovebirds narrowly escaped the wildfire outbreak that rocked Malibu, California in November. Consequently, their apartment in that location was not so lucky.

Few days after the wildfires, Miley Cyrus called herself lucky because she survived but unfortunate to lose her home in the inferno. She posted on her Twitter and Instagram pages a touching message.

She wrote that the fires left her completely destabilized as she watched helplessly her community going down in flames. She, however, added that what matters to her most was that her pets and her fiancé, Liam, were safe.

Sad memories of the after-effect caused by the wildfires in California still lingers, and a large number of people who were affected are just recovering due to the massive destruction caused by a disaster. She also appreciated the Sherriff Dept.

Good news, pets are alive

On the bright side, all their pets didn’t perish in the flames that destroyed their property. All thanks to Liam who played the superhero character to save the animals.

The wildfires caused many celebrities to lose their properties in Malibu while many residents were displaced.

While featuring on a popular show with Howard Stern, Miley explained about Liam’s bravery. The Hollywood actor, says Miley, alone rescued their sixteen animals, three cats, two pigs, four horses, and seven dogs by putting them inside his van and taking them to a safe place.

He went through a tough time in gathering the pets because he had to chase one cat which was running around the house for some time, and also using a hose on a pig’s behind before he could succeed. Miley confessed that her love for him had increased even more ever since.

Stern asked if  Liam was her boyfriend or fiancé, but she said he’s sort of her partner and the new name she just gave to him after his heroic act is her “survival companion”.

“Survival companion” sounds boring to Hemsworth

When asked if her beau loves the new title, she said not quite but gradually. He feels it’s boring and void of romantic intonation. She explained that she feels it is romantic because she paired with him to survive. To Miley, Hemsworth was “incredible”, and she confessed that he got compensated for his efforts in an intimate way.

When they left the wildfire scene, they both moved temporarily to the region in Nashville where she has her family. She, however, admitted that returning to their former base is the most difficult thing now but they are adapting fast to their new environment.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemworth at an event.

Over one year after the speculations and counter speculations started, things still remain the same for the Hollywood stars. During a radio talk show recently, Miley was asked if she and her man ever discuss marriage and she replied that they are both very entangled in their individual projects, as she is working on something while Liam is also getting ready to release a new movie. Meaning that they don’t have the time to do so.

Things may seem like they are not in a hurry to walk down the aisle, but they look so much in love.

The couple would, however, be having their holidays in her hometown, cropped together in a home there, according to Miley.  When asked the things she desires to get for this Christmas, she declined to answer directly because it’s a live broadcast, but assured the show host that she’ll definitely get it. She later said she’s on 3 weeks work-free holiday. When the presenter asked if Liam would be busy, she responded in the affirmative.

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