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Heartwarming Anniversary Date Ideas Perfect For Every Couple

The pressure of having a perfect anniversary date is more felt in men than women. Maybe it’s for the reason that men are not into sappy and romantic nights, compared to women. There is definitely no gender bias here but both men and women should do things for their partners rather than just wait for the other to open a bottle of wine.

Whether it is a wedding anniversary or a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of thing, anniversaries can sometimes be draining. Sure, a flower is what society dictates us to do, but it’s rather cliché so here are some tips to make that usual dinner reservation extra special.

Shotgun road trip

Nothing beats a perfect day than seeing new places. A road trip is perfect for both adventurous and low key couples. It is also a good way of spending the rest of the day together, without any interruptions from family members or friends.

Harry Roque Quell/Shutterstock
Exercise spontaneity by having a shotgun roadtrip

When going on a road trip, always make sure to pick a good playlist. Good music will make everything so much better. Also, make sure to pack some food and drinks. Want it to be extra special? Pack a picnic, choose a less crowded place, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Bread and Breakfast

One of the few things that can ruin an anniversary date is the presence of other people. This is most true for married couples who already have kids. Parents shouldn’t feel obliged to bring the kids on every date. It’s healthy that once in a while, the couple has some alone time. Spend the night in a romantic and chic B&B/ Air BnB to rekindle the romance.

It’s also a good way to rediscover each other after years of being together. Hotels can also be a good option because of its many amenities and pre-packaged activities. Anniversaries are special and couples should not forget to show that they still care and are happily committed to the relationship.

Couch date

Yes, couples can actually spend the anniversary indoors without the fancy dinner reservations and expensive gifts. An indoor date is perfect for couples who don’t always see each other. They can either watch movies, bake cookies, or just talk.

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Netflix and chill is one of the most famous indoor dates couples do

People who are in a competitive career can sometimes spend more time working than tending their relationship, and it’s perfectly normal. That is why staying indoors for couples who are constantly out of the house can be the best date idea.

Say it in letters

Sometimes we get carried away with the demands of our daily lives that we forget how much our partner means to us. We fight more than we listen, and we get into arguments rather than being the bigger person. Arguments are pretty normal in a relationship (as long as it doesn’t lead to harm). As what Katy Perry said in her famous song, “we break, we make up”.

What better way to let the partner know we care? Write a letter, a long and heartfelt letter. Remember all the good times and the bad, tell them reasons of that undying love, and be cheesy just this one day of the year. We can sometimes forget what we want to say, so avoid spacing out and write it all instead. Everyone appreciates a written love letter, especially in this modern world where we’d rather write emails than hold a pen.

Say it in songs

Make serenade sessions performing each other’s favorite songs. A perfect note and pitch will not matter as long as there are sincerity and effort. We always appreciate all the quirks and imperfections of our partner, so go ahead and take the center stage.

Whether it is an acoustic session or a mix tape of love songs, the recipient will surely feel 10 times more special.

Listen to the tiny details

No matter how grand or small an anniversary celebration is, as long as it is what the other person desires will surely tickle her heart. An indoor type of person will not appreciate a crowded party, just like an adventurous one will not like knitting.

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That is why it’s important to listen to each other’s wants on how to celebrate the anniversary. Listen and take mental notes of his/her tiny hints. Throwing celebrations should always reflect the type of couple and person we are.

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