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Girls Have No Idea That Men Love These Things

Many young girls learn how to act around guys from TV shows and movies. However, in real life, men aren’t as they’re portrayed on the television screen. Also, love is never easy and full of sunshine and flowers like they show it there, at least not in real life. Instead, love is knowing a person and appreciating who they are, and sticking with them through all the fights and misunderstandings. On the Internet, you’ll mostly find articles for men on how to understand and treat women, and here is a different story.

Here is a list of things women can do to make a man feel loved and appreciated.



Girls are used to and, in a way, expect compliments daily. However, they rarely stop to think that if those little things their men say to them make them feel good, wouldn’t it be nice if they heard the same from them? We’re probably used to thinking that men are not as insecure as women are and don’t need to be told that they’re handsome or are doing something really well, or anything at all.

Tell him you love how his new shirt looks on him or how you find his smile irresistible. A kind thing is always nice to hear and never hard to say.

Tell him how much you appreciate him and all of the things he does for you

When someone is by your side, you get used to all the nice things they do for you and rarely even say thank you. Pay attention to the little things he does for you, and don’t take them for granted. Say thank you every time he makes you dinner after you’ve had a long day at work, when he surprises you with a gift, or brings you flowers. Make sure he knows he’s appreciated.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ― John Joseph Powell   [/su_quote]


Respect that he needs to be alone sometimes

Of course, you love each other, but you’re not attached at the hip. If he tells you he needs some time to himself or that he would like to go out with his friends, don’t be unreasonable. There is no need to think he’s cheating on you or that he is bored by you. Everybody needs some time alone, and that’s perfectly normal. When you spend too much time together, you’ll get bored easily, so time apart could even be beneficial for you. Show your support and trust, and he’ll be grateful for it.

Put down your phone

There’s always a text message or an email to reply to, but when you’re together, your attention should be focused on him. Of course, if it’s an emergency and you have to be on your phone, he will understand, but if you spend a half an hour on some social media, of course, he will get mad.

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When you’re getting something for yourself, get it for him as well

If you’re buying some takeout food, buy some for him too. If you’re making coffee, offer him a cup. It sounds silly, but if you do this, he’ll know you’re thinking about him and appreciate the gesture.

Give him surprise kisses

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When he least excepts it, kiss him on the lips, forehead, or a cheek. It will make him smile because subtly, you’re reminding him that you love him even when he’s reading the paper, cooking or drinking his morning coffee. You’re sure to bring a smile to his face.

Listen to him when he opens up to you

Men aren’t as open as women when it comes to talking about their feelings, but when he does, make sure you’re giving him your full and undivided attention. If he’s talking to you about these things, that means he trusts you, so don’t betray his trust.

Don’t criticize him

If he’s doing something that really bothers you and if it is bad for him like heavy drinking, of course, you should point that out to him and help him change. Nonetheless, when it comes to the little things like how he shaves his beard or what he wears, understand that it’s his choice, not yours. And if you try to change him or criticize him you’ll just make him mad.

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