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7 Signs That Your Partner Isn’t Appreciating You

Many people don’t understand how frustrating it can be to be in a bad relationship. A person can become stressed, anxious and miserable. Usually, if your relationship isn’t making you better and helping you improve yourself, it can be pulling you down.

These all usually happen when your partner doesn’t appreciate you enough. Everything you do isn’t valuable enough, and so you start feeling like you don’t have any virtues at all. There is a moment when everyone should let go. If your partner does not deserve you, that is probably a sign you need to be single again.

Here are seven signs that can indicate that your partner doesn’t appreciate you as much as he/she should.

You can’t rely on him/her

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It is not about being late sometimes or having poor organizational abilities. Aren’t is more about how you feel about your partner – and that you can’t rely on him/her anymore. You feel like he/she is constantly letting you down, and that you want to find someone more mature, a person who shows respect for their commitments is proving that we can trust them. Of course, the deeper your emotional investment is, the more important this will be.

You feel smaller with them

If you feel unimportant, it is not worth it. In a healthy relationship, there is always respect. Furthermore, both partners give value one to another and thus feel better and self-confident. Every relationship should enhance your opinion about yourself and cause you to remember how wonderful you actually are. It is essential to find someone who makes you feel great about yourself, much more than you did on your own.

You feel bad for his/her mistakes

We all make mistakes. But, if your partner constantly makes the same mistakes, and doesn’t feel bad for them, something is badly wrong. This is not a good sign at all. He/she might be immature, or heedless toward you and people around you. Whether he/she is acting stupid or just making silly mistakes every single day, you shouldn’t continue forgiving him/her. You need a mature person who takes responsibility for their deeds, remember that!

They take much more than they give

The dynamic of giving and taking isn’t always equal, and this can greatly contribute to a broken relationship. If you are the one who gives the most, you should reconsider staying in this kind of relationship. Every one of us needs time, affection, gifts, conversations, etc. in order to feel loved and appreciated. A person who isn’t giving you any of these, but at the same time is taking them from you, maybe using you.

You are bored with them

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If you feel bored with your partner, you probably need something else. Are you sure you share the same interests and lives? Remember that you must be inspired to create new ideas and apply them in your life. You must live your best life in order to succeed. If you aren’t having fun together, you surely must work a lot on this problem, or just give up on this relationship for good.

They cheat on you

Cheating can be emotional and physical. No matter what form it is, it is a violation of your trust and a form of huge disrespect. Many people feel broken but are still incapable of letting go just because they care for their partner too much. But remember, after cheating, you can’t trust that person anymore. Furthermore, without trust, you can’t build a safe relationship. If you aren’t treated with respect, they aren’t capable of creating a healthy relationship. As such, they must go!


They Aren’t Being Honest

Sincerity is one of the most important things in every relationship. Whether you have problems or not, it is always important to remain honest with your partner. That way you can choose the direction you consider the right one, and then follow it together. You shouldn’t put up with his/her lies just because you want this relationship to work – you’ll have to work it together. Don’t tolerate lies – it will just become worse. Appreciate yourself enough to say that it is the end!

Every relationship should enhance our inner selves and our feelings. It should give us wings to fly around, not make us feel worse about ourselves. Think about this!

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