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Do These Four Things To Help Make Your Relationship Last

In a world of temporary, we all crave for something that can last. Winter clothes are useless in the summer, money can disappear in a split second, and infrastructures can burn down. There is nothing permanent in this world, and that’s a basic fact.

Changes can be very overwhelming, especially when it involves emotions. That is why we do extra work just to achieve balance. Couples go to counseling to rediscover their love because even if love sometimes hurts, losing someone is still the worst. There are many ways on how to keep a relationship, but a partner who doesn’t want to be kept will never really stay. And that is one of the most important things to know before we spend and invest time with someone – we have to make sure first that we are arriving to the same goal and currently living on the same page.

Here are some of the low-maintenance ways to keep the love from hitting rock bottom!

Get to know each other’s love language

One of the common fights couples have is the lack of love they get from their partners. This can be true in some ways, but sometimes it’s just a common misunderstanding. One of the very important things to know about each other is their language of love. Some want quality time, while some want to be ushered in gifts. Learning the partner’s love language will become a guide on how to maneuver the relationship.

Discover each other’s love language

Understanding each other’s language will lessen frustrations and unfulfilled expectations on both sides. We all want to be loved in a particular way, that’s why these languages are there to help us. And once we learn them, make sure to speak and show love by using the languages your partner speak.

Spend quality time with each other

A flower will not bloom if it’s not tended properly, same as love. Couples should always make their relationship a priority even just for a single day. Couples who’d rather drink beers in bars than being with their partners can suffer fall out. It’s not necessary to be on each other’s faces 24/7, but a time spent together without any distractions is an essential key to make it work.

New parents can feel a huge transition when a baby comes into the picture. It feels like their entire life revolves around the newborn. But there is no reason to feel guilty if once in a while a sitter comes in and takes care of the child. Parents, too, need some quality time to rekindle their love. Since they are the foundation of the family, having a healthy relationship can greatly improve the other relationships inside the home.

Make sure to spend some alone time together despite the busy schedule, most especially then.

Listen more

One of the major complains couples have is that they feel that they are not being listened to. Being in a relationship requires some good listening skills. It’s a knee-jerk reaction that when the other one feels frustrated or sad, they’ll surely turn to their partners for some comfort. It’s important that we let our partners know that we genuinely care about their problems.

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Take mental notes every time a partner says something trivial 

Listening is also one of the best ways to end a fight. Listen and be more empathetic with each other. If they talk about insecurities or jealousy in the relationship, honor it instead of just brushing it off.

Shared intimacy

Being in a relationship with someone means our partners instantly becomes our best friend. It is them whom we run to if there are situations that we can’t handle. This is why being intimate with them is more of a ‘must’ than a ‘should’.

This is not just physical intimacy, but emotional as well. Opening up to our partners about our problems is a good sign that we trust them. Asking for their stand on particular issues and asking for their advice means that we value their opinion on current matters. Sharing our burdens mean that we are letting them in in our lives, and we couldn’t have done it another way.

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And make sure to make each other laugh

Generally, being open with our partners about our lives feels so much better than having to hide things from them. Being intimate both emotional and physical is the greatest way of saying, “I trust you, completely”.

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