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Prince William and Kate Middleton Share This Strange Facial Similarity

The first time we heard about Kate Middleton’s childhood scar we didn’t believe it until we looked at her face closely. To our surprise, Kate’s husband, Prince William has a similar facial scar on the left side of his forehead. Though William’s scare isn’t as subtle as Kate’s, many people were shocked by this strange similarity the two royals share. Maybe this is a sign that they were always meant to be together? Well, now we know that the couple shares this facial similarity, we’re interested in finding out how William actually got this scar.


The Prince’s scare was prominent while growing up, but a closer look shows off a thin line on his face. He calls it the Harry Potter scar because there are times when you notice it, whereas, on other occasions, it looks completely invisible. William was 13-years-old when a golf club hit him on the forehead while he was playing golf with a friend.

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Many people could have used cosmetic surgery to make the scare disappear, but William didn’t opt for such procedures. The scar serves as a memory of that golf match he had with his friends and it is often a sweet reminder of his childhood. The Prince also has another health relic he got during his two years as a pilot for Air Ambulance.

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The Prince met so many sick and impoverished people that it made him depressed after he came home. He struggled with mental health issues for many years but he has finally learned to defeat his inner demons.

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