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How Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Tied The Knot Without Spending a Fortune

It is pretty common for celebrities to have such extravagant weddings since they could totally afford it. Some women tend to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for their wedding dresses and most celebrity weddings take place in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is pretty rare for a celebrity couple to have such a simple and affordable wedding that will cost less than a $50,000. Why wouldn’t you want your big dying to be perfect if you can definitely splurge a lot? However, there are some stars who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground and spend this special day with only their families and closest friends, without having to spend that much money.

After all, weddings must be about the couple being united and not the ceremony. This is exactly what former on-screen and now real-life couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth did for the most special day in their lives.

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Affordable Fairytale Wedding

Who would have thought that a multi-million singer like Miley Cyrus, would have such a simple but still elegant wedding? She, alongside with now-husband Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, tied the knot last week at their Tennessee farmhouse.

Based on the pictures that they posted on their social media accounts, it turned out to be such a beautiful wedding. Of course, only their closest friends and families were there. Some people actually admired this wedding much more than Nick Jonas’ wedding with Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, since it was considered to be a little too much. Jonas and Cyrus dated briefly while they were teenagers.

Sources said that Miley and Liam chose to have their wedding at their Franklin home since it was very special for both of them. The couple, unfortunately, lost their Malibu home because of the wildfire in California not too long ago. Wedding experts estimated that they only spent more than a thousand dollars on the flower arrangements based on the photographs that their friends and families shared on social media.

With an assortment of elegant-looking roses and some baby breath, their house looked so romantic as if it was straight out of a fairytale. As for the singer’s elegant wedding dress, experts believe that it is a Long Cocotte Dress that cost less than ten grand. The wedding dress is said to be made by Vivienne Westwood, which surprised everyone since most celebrities get their wedding gowns from some of the most famous fashion houses like Givenchy or Vera Wang.

Another major surprise would be how comfortable the Australian actor decided to go to. On his very special day, Liam looked dashing in his suit, but what shocked everyone was when he was seen wearing only a space of white Vans. Just like the rest of the décor, the wedding cake was inexpensive yet totally elegant.

It was a three-tiered cake that comes with a dozen cupcakes, and it reported came from their local bakery known as the Ivey Cake. It wasn’t revealed what kind of cake it was but it said to be only cost less than $200. When it comes to the drinks, they splurged a little even if it is only over a thousand bucks. Along with the other expenses, experts estimated this romantic wedding to be only less than $20,000.

Rocky Road To Forever

It wasn’t really all smiles and happiness for Miley and Liam, through the years they have had a tough journey before they said their I dos. That is because it all started out great when they got together after doing a film together, where they actually met back in 2009.

It was in 2012 when they two officially announced that they were engaged, but it was a year later when the breakup news surfaced and Miley had a change of image. Miley even briefly dated Patrick Schwarzenegger, but this didn’t last long since she and Liam got back together in 2016. She even got a matching tattoo with her now sister-in-law Elsa Pataky, who is Chris Hemsworth’s wife.

Miley admitted that she and Liam were engaged once again while she made an appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show that same year. Sources said that it was going to be a long engagement and might take them a year or two to actually tie the knot. They did manage to stay true to their words and got married a few days before Christmas this year.

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