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Meghan Markle Still Does These Things on Her Own Despite Being a Royalty!

Most people look up to royalties with awe and wonder because we feel as if they’re living a beautiful life. We always imagine them living in a gilded palace with hundreds of maids and staff waiting to attend to these royalties’ needs whenever they issue a command. While some aspects of this lifestyle may have been true, not all royals depend on their status to have everything done for them. One perfect example of that is Meghan Markle who said that she still does most of the things around the house despite her newly acquired status. 

The Humble Abode

According to Meghan’s inner circle, the royal couple chose to live in Nottingham Cottage since their engagement before they considered it as their official residence. They reveal the newlyweds want to have a home with a small and cozy atmosphere where they can bond personally instead of living in Kensington Palace. Also, Meghan and Prince Harry only have a small number of people working as their staff compared to a typical royal household.

Meghan and Prince Harry prefer to make their living simple despite having a royal status.

One of Meghan’s inner circle also reveals how the Duchess cooks their meals personally every single day instead of hiring a chef or butler to prepare their foods. Meghan’s longtime friend, Daniel Martin, also says Meghan likes to do her own makeup rather than relying on a royal makeup artist. She’s quite easygoing when it comes to her beauty routine.

The Simple Life

Martin also gives a glimpse of what it is like to visit Meghan’s humble abode. Recently, he and Meghan caught up as he visited her in their home and played with their dogs. They were chatting like normal friends while the Duchess was busy painting her nails. Aside from her skincare routine, Meghan also prefers to pick out her own dresses that match her personal style.

Meghan’s friends reveal the Duchess is very self-service when it comes to taking care of herself and her family.

Martin, along with Meghan’s other close friends, decided to break their silence to defend their dearest friend in the latest People Magazine cover.

The Defense

According to their interview with PEOPLE, Duchess Meghan has been living a simple life despite her royal status, and it pains them to see their friend hurting and enduring the criticisms she received worldwide when she’s speaking nothing but the truth. One of Meghan’s co-star also revealed how the former actress has been keeping mum about all the lies thrown at her.

Lorna Roberts/Shutterstock
Despite the criticisms and issues the royal couple receives, Martin says they remain strong and steadfast as they get excited over the arrival of their first child.

As the new royal couple expects their first child to arrive this Spring, they worry that these false issues against the royal couple might affect not only their relationship but also their baby. Meghan’s friends appeal to the public to stop giving the royal couple unnecessary stress, burden, and emotional trauma. According to them, they want the newlyweds to enjoy every moment they’ll have with their child as they build their own family.

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