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Could Justin and Hailey be Calling It Quits? Subtle Signs Make Us Believe So!

In summer, we had a number of surprising couples surfacing from just about every crack and crevice of Hollywood!

Suffice to say some of them made us excited, while others uhm…not so much. As predicted, others didn’t last long, with the most obvious being that of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Now rumors have it that there could be trouble in paradise. That’s right, one of the hottest summer-fling couples, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, could be next on the list.

Despite their recent marriage that was secretly performed, the couple might just be on the verge of splitting up. Think we are bluffing? Here are some of the reasons why the breakup might be much sooner than expected.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been married since July this year

Justin Was Seen in Tears yet Again!

By now, most of us are aware that Justin has no fear expressing his emotions in public. In fact, he’s been seen a number of times shedding a tear in public.

That being said, the last time we spotted Justin in a tearful state (prior to this one) was when Selena Gomez was hospitalized.

Interestingly, the singer was recently spotted crying in the presence of Hailey Baldwin at the themed Harry Potter Universal Studios’ bar, Leaky Cauldron. Moreover, Hailey was comforting him, soothing him by stroking his face.

Apparently, after the two entered the bar, their security team proceeded to clear other revelers from the establishment. According to one of the patrons at the restaurant, the couple just walked in and ordered a couple of butterbeers.

Indeed, this marks the fourth time that Justin has been crying in public after the couple announced their engagement in July to Hailey.

They Have No Harmony Regarding Their Work Lives

At the current moment, Justin has taken a break from making music and taking a break from shows and tours.

While Hailey doesn’t appear to be slowing down her career as well. According to People magazine’s opinion, the work-life balance is causing a fight between the two individuals.

One of the sources at People said that it appears that Justin is okay. Nevertheless, he doesn’t look ready to start on his music yet and repeatedly says that he just feels like spending some time with Hailey.

In fact, Hailey seems like the one more willing to work as compared to Justin. Indeed, the couple has had multiple conflicts regarding this issue.

That being said, a second source has countered that the arguments regarding their work schedule are quite normal and are not affecting their relationship as is being reported.

They Are Not Showing as Much Public Affection

Prior to the marriage, the couple was being spotted all around the world, kissing on yachts and on the streets for everyone to view.

While the couple was always seen together in just about every setting, it seems that they have taken a break on this, and are rarely seen in the company of one another.

Of late, the couple’s public display of affection has reduced significantly

Justin Might Still Have Feelings for Selena

After Selena Gomez’s breakdown made headlines, Justin was spotted at the church he attends receiving comfort from his friends regarding the situation.

Despite the couple had broken up in March, it seems like Justin is still feeling her, and also feeling guilty about her breakdown.

A source at People confidently says that Justin is yet to get over Selena.

Indeed, this was his first love and the two had traveled around the world together, building each other and learning a lot in the process.

Hailey Might Be Too Smitten with Him

In her most recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Hailey divulged about her relationship with the pop singer. She admitted at how incredible she finds Justin, and how he manages to smash just about every song he has, whether it’s his own or a feature.

That being said, as Justin handles his emotions over the whole Selena Gomez situation, it might be overwhelming for Hailey to see her husband that disturbed over his ex-girlfriend’s wellbeing.

Which means that the relationship might be affecting Hailey’s mental health

That being said, the couple married only after a few months of dating, which raised eyebrows

They Are Not ‘Officially’ Married

A few weeks back, the world was surprised with the news that the couple had tied the knot in a civil ceremony in New York.

Nevertheless, even if the couple got their marriage license and it’s official, they are yet to perform the second ceremony with family and friends.

Which speaks a lot in terms of making a personal connection.

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