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Justin Bieber & Wife Hailey Baldwin Are Selling These Cool Pieces From Their Personal Collection & It’s For a Totally Good Cause

It’s not every day that people are given the chance to own a part of a celebrity’s personal possessions. So, fans of pop sensation Justin Bieber and his model wife Hailey Baldwin will be pleased to learn that a sizeable portion of the young couple’s art collection is now up for auction to benefit a charitable cause.

Personal Art Collection

Above is a Felix the Cat lithograph by artist and Bieber’s friend Virgil Abloh, one of the standout works in the collection

Fans and modern art enthusiasts have until the 13th of December to bid on and nab one of the 17 art pieces being auctioned at the website of the New York City-based online auction house Paddle8.

The selection of works was reportedly curated personally by Bieber and Baldwin and includes colorful prints and graffiti-inspired canvases by artists like American artist and designer Dalek, muralist Patch Whisky, and Alison Perez also known as Miss Zukie. There are also works by self-styled ‘contemporary art missionary’ Fidia Falaschetti, artist OG Slick, and Pablo Dona, who takes inspiration from childhood for his art.

The pieces range in prices from as low as $275 to as expensive as $14,400. Reports say that multiple bids have already been made for the artworks on the Paddle8 website.

For A Good Cause

Inner-City Arts maintains a creative and safe space at the Rosenthal Theater where they invite children

Proceeds from the sale of the modern art pieces will go towards two beneficiaries LIFT LA and Inner-City Arts. The former is an organization that focuses on helping families break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

They do so by guiding parents to find a safe residence, get well-paying jobs and better education. LIFT also works to connect the needy to the financial resources and networks they might need to make these a reality.

The organization also has offices in other major American cities such as New York, Washinton D.C., and Chicago. With support from the group, LIFT families were reportedly able to increase their income by about $9,300.

Meanwhile, Inner-City Arts is another Los Angeles-based organization this time working to give children and underserved communities a space to explore and be creative. Founded in the late 1980s, the group provides integrated arts workshops and other community-designed programming to provide quality arts instruction.

House Tour

One of the photos Bieber has shared on social media of his home. Above are KAWS plush toys in acrylic boxes

This isn’t the first time that Bieber and Baldwin showcased their collection of contemporary art though. The ‘Love Yourself’ singer often shares photos of some of his art pieces on Instagram where he has over 122 million followers.

He even gave fans a virtual tour of his 1930s Colonial home where one can see the many pieces that decorate its interiors. It can be remembered that he was attempting to sell the property at the time though he didn’t specify if all the artworks will come with the place.

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