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Glee Star Jane Lynch Reveals Her Secret to Staying Fit Despite Hating the Gym

If you are not blessed with a svelte frame and want to lose weight just because, you know that the key is diet and exercise. However, we all understand that this is way easier said than done.

Isn’t it hard to start from somewhere and to find the motivation to get up and moving? Most of us can relate to the joys of staying in bed or the couch binge-watching Money Heist or Black Mirror or Stranger Things, while munching on our favorite chips.

Meanwhile, some of us are simply not a fan of workouts, which includes actress Jane Lynch, who recently shed pounds despite.

Jane Lynch starred as Sue Sylvester in Glee

We know what you’re thinking: the star, who played the tough-talking coach Sue Sylvester in the now-defunct musical-drama series Glee, had already been blessed with a slim frame, so why does it matter? Understand that Jane turned 59 on July 14, but doesn’t look like her age.

She even looks younger because of her recent weight loss that totaled 11 pounds. But as we’ve mentioned, she doesn’t like working out, like most of us do, and at one point, she described the commitment to it as “pulling teeth.”


So what did she do to lose 11 pounds? Jane shared that she made changes in her diet that really ignited her journey.

Apparently, the Primetime Emmy Award-winner turned to the Atkins Diet, a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein eating – because you eat food that will keep you fuller for longer, you won’t always feel hungry, which means you will really lose weight.

This sounds a lot like its relatively more popular cousin, the Keto Diet, which also relies on high-fat, low-carb food.

According to Healthline, Atkins is less restrictive than Keto because you don’t need to make sure your body always stays in ketosis. Jane has also tried this other approach, which she said also helped her lose weight, but didn’t stay on it for too long.

The actress had to give up steak in favor of salmon

With Atkins, the comedian has also learned to switch things up for the better. For example, the diet encourages the consumption of fatty meats and while Jane loves to eat steak, she had to turn to something that also packs fat but is healthier.

Jane admitted that she used to have steak every day but had to resort to salmon when her cholesterol levels shot up to 260s. Apart from this, she also adores cheese – she munches on a slice in between meals and during filming.


Although the multi-hyphenate celebrity loves walking, she doesn’t do it very often. Her morning routine, however, would start with a cup of Joe and which will be followed by the Transcendental Meditation, which celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, and Tom Hanks also do.

Jane revealed that she learned about this form of meditation in 1996 but had only started practicing this year. She also listens to podcasts over coffee whenever she’s not busy.


Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
The 59-year-old loves animals

Apart from meditation, what better way to relieve stress than with animals. Jane loves animals and uses her status to raise awareness and give voice to the creatures.

She had previously partnered with Rescue Pets, PETA, and, more recently, Banfield Pet Hospital. The Wreck-It Ralph voice artist also has rescued furry pals in her home which are Insta-famous.

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