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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s Kids’ Reaction to Discovering Their Parents Are Famous Is Priceless

Ironically, being a household name in Hollywood doesn’t guarantee that you will be famous and respected among your closest friends and family.

Think about the Kardashian kids who have practically been born and raised under the spotlight. Do you think they understand the concept of fame or why people are always in their faces trying to get pictures or autographs?

How many of these kids even know that their parents are famous? Well, at least Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s children had no idea that their parents were celebrities until recently. And when they found out, their reaction was priceless!

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s kids didn’t realize how massive their parents are


It’s one thing to have cool parents, but it’s another to have A-listers as your mom and dad. Basically, family outings are never complete with somebody inching their way toward you, just to check if your parents are indeed celebrities. But in Dax and Kristen’s case, their kids were quite unaware of how popular the couple is despite all the glaring signs.

During his appearance at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Dax was asked if their children, 4-year-old Delta and 6-year-old Lincoln, know and understand that they have prominent celebrity parents. The actor said that they did know what their mom and dad do for a living.

Dax and Kristen’s Work

As imaginable, the kids have been on the set of Dax and Kristen’s shows and films ever since they were born, and probably even remember their mommy as Princess Anna in the hit 2013 Disney animated film “Frozen

The little ones have seen billboards with their parents’ faces, too, because, really, they are everywhere. They have also noticed random strangers walking to their parents asking for a photo or an autograph, making it impossible not to know about their profession.

Although the kids have an idea of what their parents do, they still couldn’t grasp that they were not just ‘well-known but they are actually famous!

Dax figured this out when he was having a conversation with his daughter, and she kept asking him why people still listen to his “Armchair Expert” podcast. Then she wondered if it was because of Monica, who is his co-host, which was kind of tricky to answer.

Their kids thought that people listen to the podcast solely because of Monica Padman

So Dax tried his best to explain that most of the listeners probably tune in to the podcast because of him and not just for Monica. This prompted her to ask why so many people knew him, to which the actor revealed that it is because he is famous. The mere mention of that word was enough to drive the little ones crazy.

Everyone is Famous

Once again the 44-year-old did his best to substantiate what he said by explaining that a lot of people see him on TV, but this prompted the child to ask more question. She wondered if her mom Kristen knows this fact, which was, of course, adorable and hilarious at the same time. Dax replied that their mother is actually more famous than him, which left her even more confused than before.

Finding out that their parents are famous convinced the kid that their entire family was famous!

Because of this, their children thought everyone in the family, including their grandmother whom they fondly call “Gaga,” is also famous just like their parents. So during the Golden Globes when Lady Gaga was mentioned, the kids gave their “grandma” a round of applause.

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