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Are You Preparing for a Keto Diet? Before Jumping on that Bandwagon, Make Sure You are Aware of these Downsides

Are you struggling to shed off those extra inches and stubborn pounds? Have you been tempted to try out the ketogenic diet like so many other people all over the world? Well, you’re not alone.

The keto diet operates on the principle of cutting off carbohydrates from the diet and introducing meals that are high in proteins and fats. Accompanied by about 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, the body is spurred into a mode of ketosis where it relies on burning fat to produce the energy required to accomplish daily activities.

But, before you embark on a lifestyle that relies on a keto diet to lose your excess weight, you must be aware of a few side effects that accompany this route.

Unsplash | The sudden change in dietary habits may cause your body to behave in an unusual manner

You might become a victim of keto flu

A speedy reduction in calories and extensive physical training may cause fatigue, headache, and muscular strain. It may even cause diarrhea and nausea. All these symptoms are termed as the keto flu. However, these symptoms do subside after a few weeks once your body gets used to the keto diet.

The weight may cling back

The rapid weight loss you experienced in your keto journey may come back eventually once you veer from the strict keto regimen you were following. The shift from a carb-centric diet to a fat-centric diet means that initially, you will lose a few pounds as a result of reduced water retention by the body because carbs absorb more water than fat. Once you switch back to your usual diet, all that water may house itself in your body again, thereby increasing your weight.

Unsplash | A keto diet essentially entails cutting out carbs and adding proteins and fats

You may feel constipated

Such a drastic shift in your diet may cause constipation. Usually, high carb foods like whole grains and fruits are accompanied by high-fiber content. If you follow a keto diet, that means along with carbohydrates, you are also reducing your fiber intake, which is essential for your gut health and healthy excretory habits.

You will feel exceedingly thirsty

Once you start a ketogenic diet, you will feel very thirsty. This is because your body will excrete all the excess water. If you feel constantly parched, do not think twice, and fill yourself with water. Water intake will also help you flush out toxins from your body through urination and sweat.

Unsplash | For best results with any diet, exercise is always necessary

Whatever the side effects, the popular opinion is that keto diet is an effective way to shed off some of your weight because in the state of ketosis and due to reduced calorie intake, your body will have to burn off the stored body fat, reducing your overall body weight.

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