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It’s Not That Difficult to Bring Emotional Balance Into Your Life – Here’s Why

Your ability to cope with the pressures of everyday life is linked to your emotional wellbeing. By now, everyone is well aware of this fact. Since life is about 24/7 connectivity in today’s day and age, emotional strain is felt now more than ever before.

This connectivity has rendered people unable to switch off at night. As a result, we are able to cope less effectively throughout the day since we are deprived of the restorative benefits of a good night’s rest.

The only way to remedy the situation and put an end to the vicious cycle is to intervene and take action.

The Rescue Formula

Edward Bach, a British doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer, discovered the Rescue Formula in the 1930s. He gathered five flowers handpicked from his own garden in Oxfordshire, UK, and extracted their essence to create a comforting spray.

Wikipedia | An oil painting of Bach from the late 1800s

These are the flowers used in Bach’s Rescue Formula:

1. Clematis for Focus

Clematis has the positive potential to instill the ability to be actively interested in any current environment. It grants you the ability to pull your head out of the clouds whenever you feel out of touch with things and relish in the beauty of the world around you.

2. Impatiens for Patience

It’s true that you might not be able to avoid irritating problems, but you can figure out how to deal with them patiently. Impatiens decreased the hastiness in both actions and thoughts. No longer will you be frustrated with the slow pace of things.

3. Rock Rose for Fearlessness

Scary situations are most likely to overwhelm you but, who says you can’t overcome your fears and be courageous while embracing them? Rock Rose is listed as an essence that can increase presence of mind and courage.

Pexels | The medicinal use of flora and fauna has been about since centuries

4. Star of Bethlehem for Comfort

Shocks associated with bad experiences might likely hold you back. However, you can always aim at balancing your emotions and dealing with the situation in a rational manner. The Star of Bethlehem grants you the ability to be strong.

5. Cherry Plum for Composure

To fuel rational thinking, you need a calm mind. Cherry Plum enables you to stay cool, to keep a serene mind, and to think and act rationally.

Bach had 38 original flower remedies, each corresponding to an emotional state. Users can mix up to 7 of these essences to create a concoction especially suited to their situation and requirements. Many people find it convenient to keep a bottle of the spray in their bag or on their table for easy access when needed.

A Restful Routine

When it’s bedtime, you need to follow a routine to ensure maximum rest through the night. Start off with your Rescue Night Formula. This has all the makings of the regular Rescue Formula and also includes white chestnut, which is long known and used as the “turn-off” switch for the mind.

Pexels | Many people also like to meditate before bedtime

You’ll find that when you’re disconnected from all the distractions, you’ll wake up much more refreshed and energized.

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