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How To Lose Weight Without Exercising

Losing weight takes a lot of hard work and commitment. You enroll in a program and face difficulties in keeping up with exercises due to hectic schedules.  Also, many people don’t like to exercise. However, there are other proven ways through which you can lose weight.

Here are some ways to lose weight without having to exercise:

Use VANILLA scents

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The word vanilla automatically brings up the image of homemade cookies that your mom used to cook for you. It is possible to lose weight using vanilla in what is called aromatherapy. Studies have shown that people who wore a vanilla- scented patch had fewer cravings. This effect is deemed effective in desserts.

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People with high status are more weight-conscious than normal people. They are more concerned about their body image, so they live healthy lifestyles and are very much involved in physical activities. When women eat with the people they consider to have high status, they eat less than when eating with equals. Therefore, socializing with such a circle could help you lose the extra pounds. You will tend to become more conscious about gaining weight and copy their ways of controlling weight.

Grow Your Own FOOD 

Take, for example, the people in Russia who grow foods of their own in their gardens. They ensure that they eat natural, healthy foods instead of fast foods. By growing your foods, you will have healthy meals and shed off some weight.


According to studies, if you eat in a messy kitchen, you are likely to eat twice as much as a person who eats in a clean kitchen. A cluttered kitchen takes a toll on your vital stats, especially if you are under stress.



According to studies, you are more likely to gain extra pounds when you eat in an open-area kitchen. This is due to the visual availability of more food and easy access to even more, which encourages you to eat more even when you are full.

Hang out with slim people 

Researchers have found that people lose more weight when they hang out with lean people. This may be due to peer pressure and following the peers’ example.


Controlling how much you eat is hard. For example, with a gallon of ice cream is in front of you, you may overindulge. Therefore, it is important to buy food prepared in small servings, especially if you are attempting to lose to avoid temptations. 

Eat in a WELL-LIT room

Research has found that people who eat in well- lit areas are more likely to order healthy foods than those who dine in dimly-lit restaurants.


Studies show that people who take breakfast lose more weight than people who skip it.  If you eat breakfast, you are less likely to binge on snacks during the day and have more lunch or dinner. The excess of what you eat is stored by the body, leading to gain weight.

Have Spicy foods

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Spicy foods such as Thai food increase your metabolism and slow down the eating pace. Food digestion and absorption takes time, so by the time you feel full, you have overeaten. Try to eat slowly by ordering something spicy.

Eat at Home

People who dine out tend to eat unhealthy foods and gain more weight than people who opt to have their meals at home. Think about saving a few bucks without gaining an extra pound or two.

Take your time 

French families eat meals together most of the time compared to Canadians. Lengthy meals encourage less eating and more talking. It takes 20minutes for your brain to realize that you are already full, so enjoying the talk during meals.  

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