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Lose Weight While Loading Up Some Fat – Here’s How!

We all want to lose weight for many different reasons, as some are forced because of the medical conditions while some just want to look and feel good. No matter what the reasons are, people seem to be obsessed with dieting and losing weight! Nutritionists and researchers come up with a new diet style or a fitness routine all the time, just to tell us that there are so many good ways to lose weight. Long gone are the days of starvation and diet pills and with just the right amount of dedication and hard work, everyone can get that dream body.

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People who are taking insulin must seek a physician’s counsel before trying the Keto diet

Losing weight is not just about exercising and moving, though it is a big part of it. People who want to lose some pounds must also put into consideration the type of food they are putting inside their bodies. Now, we always hear people say to steer clear of anything fat and load up in protein instead. This can be a major bummer. Gone are the greasy bacon and medium rare steak. But, let’s fix that old notion with a new diet that is found to be as effective without cutting all those meat.

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic or “Keto” Diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. It lets the body drastically reduce carbohydrates and replace it with fat. Because the body is short in carbohydrates, it also becomes low in glucose which is the main source of energy. This reduction of fat puts the body in a metabolic process called ketosis. Ketosis is where the body produces small fuel molecules called ‘ketones’.  These ketones become the new source of energy, fueling up the whole body and its systems. On a ketogenic diet, the entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat. Insulin levels become very low and fat burning increases dramatically. This alternative dieting lets the body burn the stored fats and lower insulin, reducing the risk of a Type II diabetes.

Food To Eat On A Keto Diet

Now, this is the good news. Since ketosis let the body use fat as a new energy source, there will be no limit on the fatty meat. The fattier, the better. People on a keto diet must take not to avoid loading up the protein. So, forget about the lean meats and go to fatty ones instead. People who are used to eating meat, find a keto diet to be friendlier to their palate compared to the high-protein diets. Make sure to also select healthy fats, like avocado, cheese, and eggs.

This diet is not ideal for those who love their carbs so much. That includes pasta, bread, and rice. People who transitioned to keto diet report on getting keto flu. It is when the body is changing from being fueled by glucose to fat. Symptoms of keto flu include nausea, headache, and upset stomach and it can last up to a few days only.

Food To Avoid On A Keto Diet

  • Pasta and bread
  • Candies, cookies, and flour-based baked good
  • Low-fat diet products
  • White potatoes and other starchy vegetables including sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnip
  • Beans and legumes including chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, lentils, and peas
  • Whole grains including wheat, oats, rice, corn, rye, and barley

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Say goodbye to the tempting pastries and desserts

Anything that is high in carbohydrates is a total no-no. So skip the cookie aisle next time and go directly to where all the fat is stored.

Keto Diet And Losing Weight

As what they say in Chemistry, like dissolves like. Fueling up the body with fat makes it a fat burning machine. Stored fats can still be burned when the body adjusts to the metabolic process. Burning fat vastly increases while dropping insulin levels in the body. Those experiencing stalls in their weight loss or having trouble getting rid of unwanted fat can benefit from a ketogenic diet for this reason.

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Say hello to more bacon and eggs during breakfast

Being in ketosis also drops cravings and appetite, one of the many culprits for gaining weight. It reduces the appetite by altering the concentrations of hormones and nutrients that affect hunger. The ketogenic diet has an advantage over other forms of weight loss because they increase the chance of maintaining weight loss, reducing cravings, and eliminating the need to stress and obsess over every calorie or food portions.

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